Champion's Chip: Andre Iguodala's Day at Quail Hollow

Warriors Swingman Serves as Multimedia Correspondent at PGA Championship

Over the last few weeks, we've seen some impressive athletic displays from several members of the Golden State Warriors, although not necessarily in the sport you would expect. First there was Stephen Curry, who posted back-to-back rounds of 74 at the Ellie Mae Classic on the Tour. Recently, Klay Thompson threw perhaps "the best first pitch ever by a Warrior," and this past weekend, Andre Iguodala put his golf chops to the test when he served as a multimedia correspondent for TNT at the PGA Championship at Quail Hollow.

Throughout the weekend, Iguodala kept busy by taking over the Tour's social media accounts, taking lessons with professional instructor Michael Breed, performing play-by-play and meeting with fellow golfers and fans. See below for some videos from Iguodala's experience at the PGA Championship, as well as a few quotes about his personal love for golf.

When did it happen for you? When did you get addicted to golf?

"I have to blame Pete Myers, my assistant coach in my first year with the Golden State Warriors. He taught me how to hit a draw, and once I heard that sound and that ball turned over from right to left, it was like your first crush…you're hooked after that."

Did Steph's performance at the Tour surprise you?

"I wasn't surprised because I see him play so much. He was the first person that I've ever seen shoot under par. I've watched him play from the tips at Augusta. I've seen how long he can hit the ball off the tee. And I've seen how his putting stroke – the pace of his puts – is pro-like. Every one of his puts is a foot past the hole, every time."

Lessons with Michael Breed @pga #repost

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How's your game?

"It's getting there. Finally broke 80 last week. The past three weeks, I've been between 85 and 88. The bad part is, expectations are really high, so frustration happens a little bit faster than it used to."

Who would be in your dream foursome?

"Steph is a cool guy. He's a guy you HAVE to have in your group, so he would always be in my dream foursome…Pete Myers…and that last guy, I don't know…I'm thinking Tiger."

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