Summer is just around the corner, and that can only mean one camps!

This summer John Amaechi will be hosting three basketball camps in Manchester. Taught by US coaches and Amaechi himself, training couldn't be better for serious hoop fans.

Here are the camps:

Camp 1
National League Standard
Sunday 27 July - Friday 1 August
University Accomodation
Full Meals
Ages 11-21 years
Cost 209 for the full package, see brochure for other options

Camp 2
All abilities
Monday 4 August - Wednesday 6 August
Secondary School Ages 12-18 years
No meals (bring packed lunch)
Cost 30, see brochure for details

Camp 3
All abilities
Thursday 6 August & Friday 8 August
Primary School Years 3,4,5,6
No meals (bring packed lunch)
Cost 20, see brochure for details.

All camps will be held at the brand new Amaechi Basketball Center in Manchester which houses three full-sized courts. To receive a brochure and application form for the camps please contact:

Joe Forber
6 Campden Way
Tel: 01625 527867

Book early to avoid dissapointment!