Inside Stuff
Be sure to look for the Editor's choice for Page 23 in the next issure of Inside Stuff.

Have you ever wanted to show your stuff in Inside Stuff?

To prove that your skills are not limited to creating on the basketball court, but to the art paper and computer screen as well?

Well then, Page 23
is the place to be.

Each issue, the Editors will be selecting one reader's original artwork of his favorite players, teams and mascots to fill the entire page. (No sharing on Page 23, kids.) This is your chance to show the world your flair. No photo collages, though; original stuff only.

We'll also be showcasing other entrants here on in between issues.

The ball's in your court. So what are you gonna do with it? Let us know.

Here's how:

  • To get your artwork in Inside Stuff and on, send us an email to, and attach a scan of your artwork as a .jpg, .bmp. .tif or .gif file.


  • Send your drawing via surface mail to:
    Inside Stuff Page 23
    PO Box 4641
    Grand Central Station
    NY, NY 10163

    Include your name, age, email address, phone number and a little paragraph that tells us about your drawing.

  • Print, fill out and mail in the Page 23 release form. Artwork cannot be used in Inside Stuff magazine or on without a signed release form.

    That's it. Now you have a chance to be in Inside Stuff!

    All entries become the property of NBA Properties, Inc and will not be returned. Each selected artist and his/her parent or guardian will have to sign and return a Permission and Eligibility form.