Wolves Make Annual Visit To Glen Taylor's Home

by Mark Remme
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Mark Remme
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In what has become an annual tradition with the Timberwolves and Lynx, owner Glen Taylor invited the Wolves to his home in Mankato on Wednesday night for dinner to get to know the players and break up the four-day stretch of practice being held at Minnesota State University-Mankato.

Both new and old members of the team got to spend time with Taylor and his family, as well as one another, and take some time away from the court during a physically demanding stint in Mankato.

Guard Will Conroy, who is trying to make the team, said it was a great way to get more familiar with his teammates—a collection of guys that already has good chemistry.

“This team has a great culture right now,” Conroy said. “Everyone loves hanging out with each other. So when we got a chance to go to Mr. Taylor’s house, it was really fun. You got to learn what some of the guys like to do in their time off. A lot of guys like to play pool. We’ve got a lot of jokesters on this team. It’s turning into a close-knit group.”

Coach Rick Adelman said each time he’s been to Taylor’s home with the team it’s been a pleasant experience, and the players enjoy themselves.

“He’s been terrific,” Adelman said. “He means it when he says this is a family organization. I think he really tries to do that. He tries to get to know the players, the families, who they are, and it helps when the owner is that accessible to you. He’s been really good with me when it comes to listening, accepting, input. It’s been good the whole year.” 

Both Brandon Roy and Lou Amundson have played in different organizations, and each said they’ve had similar outings with their previous teams’ owners during training camp. They both said it’s a great way to connect with the owner away from the court. Roy said it was nice getting to talk with Taylor, particularly when Taylor asked about his family.

Amundson said he enjoyed the home-cooked meal, and it was a nice way to get way from the typical day-to-day grind of Training Camp.

“To be able to go over there, and his family was real hospitable and nice, and it was kind of a nice little break,” Amundson said. “We all enjoyed it.”

Amundson said Taylor’s passion for the team shined through.

“Glen is great. He really cares,” Amundson said. “He cares about the team and us as individuals. You like to see that out of an owner, for sure.”

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