North Star City Edition Uniforms

Minnesota. ​ Also known as the North Star State. ​ This place that 5.6 million call home has an undeniable energy that can’t be taken away. ​ A persona that shines so bright, the whole world can see it. ​ Up here, we pride ourselves on more than high-flying dunks ​and crossovers on the perimeter. ​ ​ You see, this breed is different. ​ Showing up and showing out is our norm. ​ Making statements is a way of life. ​ And rising to the occasion is second nature. ​ On the surface, many may question where it all comes from. ​ But it’s always been within, around, and above. ​ Just look up. ​ The North Star that sits high in the sky is the anchor to our spirit. It guides us and unites us. ​ Brings us closer. ​ Leading us in the right direction like a compass. ​ So whether we’re going East, West, South or North. ​ Just know we’re going together. ​ As one. ​ As a Pack. ​ Unified with purpose. Inspired by something greater. ​ And ready to make history. ​ We are the North Star State.

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