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Training Camp Mailbag | Wiggins, Backup PG and . . . Homecoming?

by Kyle Ratke, Digital Content Manager

Digital Content Manager


Welcome to the second training camp mailbag here on Man, we are happy we made it here and the editors didn’t cut us off after the first mailbag.

As promised, three questions a day. Here we go. 

Defense and rebounding. Wiggins has the tools to do both very well, especially defensively. Having a defensive-first guy like Jimmy Butler will help. And Wiggins told us at media day that he wants to improve his rebounding. Wiggins averaged four rebounds per game last season in 37 minutes per contest. For a 6-8 wing as athletic as him, he probably should get more, but the team also has guys like Karl-Anthony Towns and Gorgui Dieng who haul in quite a few rebounds themselves.

Speaking of improvement, Wiggins has gone from averaging 16.9 points to 20.7 to 23.6 in his first three seasons. Not too shabby. 

Coach Tom Thibodeau told us today that he’ll let position battles take care of themselves.

With how many injuries there are and just weird things that happen throughout a season, both players will end up playing a role for the team in 2017-18.

And it’s not necessarily how you start a season on a depth chart. It’s how you finish.

Well, Alex. Let me tell you. You’ve certainly come to the right person. As a guy who has never had a homecoming date, I’ve got great advice for these students.

My three wisdom bombs:

  1. If you’re in the friendzone with someone, don’t ask them. You are subjecting yourself to years of torture. The friendzone is a cruel, cruel place.
  2. Do something cute when you ask your significant other. It might not change their answer, but the little things matter. Whether that’s a cake with the question on it or a pizza with pepperonis spelling their name. Little things matter. And they'll remember that.
  3. Going alone is fine, too. High school relationships are overrated. I've never been in a high school relationship.

That’s all we’ve got today. We’ll be back tomorrow.