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Training Camp Mailbag | Does It Matter Who Plays SG Or SF?

by Kyle Ratke, Digital Content Manager

Digital Content Manager


Day 5 here in San Diego for Timberwolves training camp. Plenty of questions have been submitted. I regret making the rule that only three can be featured in each mailbag. But rules are rules. There’s nothing I can do about it.

To today’s questions:

It will probably alternate. Both players have similar builds. It probably comes down to defense. Butler will likely guard the opposing teams best wing, while Wiggins will guard the other wing. For example, if the Wolves play the Rockets, I would guess Butler would guard James Harden and Wiggins would take Ariza.

Of course, the way the NBA is now with small lineups and what not, positions are starting not to matter. There’s a good chance we could see Butler play four or five positions and Wiggins play three.

I think both players have their different strengths. Dieng is more talented offensively, and Gibson has the ability to guard multiple positions, something Tom Thibodeau loves.

I don’t think a decision will be made on who starts and who comes off the bench anytime soon, but as far as player minutes go, I don’t know if that will matter. I’d be surprised if either of the two didn’t play somewhere around 25 or more minutes. Gibson has played 25.1 minutes per game throughout this career, while Dieng has played 26.5. 

Players are very excited. We’ll have a feature on this soon. But Jamal Crawford has been there more than once with the Clippers. He told us a story at media day about forgetting a suit and having to buy one in China with Grant Hill. It was less than $90.

Obviously with training camp in San Diego and preseason in China, it’s a long time to be away from home, but for a team with so many new faces, it will be good for team building and chemistry.

That’s all for today. Later, friends.