Timberwolves Gameday Information

Everything You Need To Know If You're Headed To Tonight's Game At Target Center
by Timberwolves.com

If this is your first game at Target Center, pick up your First Game Certificate in the Kid Zone located outside of Section 220.

Looking for tickets? Head to Timberwolves.com/tickets to select yours.

Doors Open at 5:30pm for Tonight's Game 4 Playoff Matchup Against Houston

Entry into Target Center

  • Skyway Level Entrance
    • Accessible from the adjoining skyways in the ABC Ramps or Mayo Clinic Square and via escalators from the Life Time Lobby on First Avenue.
  • 100 Level Entrance (NEW)
    • Accessible from the Skyway near Ramp A and Hawthorne Ramps
    • This new entrance connects directly into the 100 Level concourse.

ADA Entry

  • Drop off is located off of First Avenue in front of Target Center.

Target Center has a no re-entry policy. Once you leave the building during an event, you will not be permitted to return.

Wolves Assist with the assist! The Timberwolves all-new customer service team is ready to engage with fans and help with any needs on game night. Follow @WolvesAssist on Twitter or look for members of the team wearing blue sweatshirts throughout the arena.

Have a question, suggestion, concern, or need in the arena? Text Target Center for immediate resolution! Target Center Textline: 612-673-8398

What Can I Bring?

Fans are prohibited from bringing backpacks, briefcases or duffle bags into the arena. Weapons (including pocket knives), computers or laptops are also prohibited. Please see Target Center's security policy for additional information.

Important Information Regarding "Seat Jumping"

We want to make you aware that we continue address some enhancements to improve your experience at every game. The changes are based on feedback that we are receiving from members through our postgame surveys done after each home game.

We appreicate your feedback when you witness what we call “seat jumping." We are training staff to attempt to make sure fans are sitting in their correct area. 

In an attempt to solve to this concern, we would ask for your patience. Thank you for helping making Target Center one of the best home-court advantages in the NBA.     

NBA Fan Code Of Conduct

The NBA is committed to creating a safe and entertaining in-game experience for everyone involved with our game. Fans (like you) with seats in close proximity to the playing court bear a heightened responsibility to ensure that your conduct meets the NBA’s safety, security, and fan code of conduct guidelines. We encourage all fans to enjoy the excitement of our game and to cheer for our players and teams in a respectful way.

Fans who act inappropriately will not be tolerated and may be subject to ejection from the game and/or cancellation of the ticket holder's account. Examples of such inappropriate conduct include, but are not limited to: verbally instigating any player, coach, referee, fan, or any other person involved in our game; making any physical contact or attempting to make such contact with any player, coach, referee, fan or any other person involved in our game; using any obscene gestures; unreasonably interrupting the game; and a general display of inappropriate or abusive behavior.

Thank you for supporting the NBA and for helping to make our game safe and entertaining.