Three Questions With Shabazz Muhammad

Our Kyle Ratke was able to chat with Shabazz Muhammad before Tuesday's game against the Indiana Pacers. Here's what the second-year pro had to say about three topics.

KR: After the last week or two going through what you did with your Achilles, are you feeling good now?

SM: Oh yeah, definitely feeling good. I feel great. I’m trying to get out there for a minute now, finally I can go out there and play and go out there and play hard.

KR: Obviously you had quite the body transformation over the summer. How difficult was that? You had the motivation to do it, but that’s got to be a pretty tough thing to do regardless.

SM: It was very difficult, especially going two times a day and going out there in the sun and work really hard. I think it paid off. I feel great, my food and diet and everything. Down to what my regular weight is at. I’m just trying to get ready to go.

KR: Compare this year to your rookie season with the team. What’s been the difference besides your personal change?

SM: Last year we had a lot of vets on the team. It seemed like there was only two young guys. Now there’s plenty of young guys with me, and some veterans as well. It’s great to always have those guys. We’re always working in practice coming in early. It’s great for the future and I can’t wait to see how we turn out.