Three Questions With Gorgui Dieng

KR: Your FIBA Tournament this summer was pretty impressive. Sixteen points and 11 boards per game. Very solid performances. What did you learn from that experience?

GD: That was good for me. It helped me keep building my confidence up. It was good for me. 

KR: You’ve shown a lot of promise playing for your national team and obviously with the Wolves last season when you had the opportunity. How big of a step have you taken from last year coming in as a rookie to where you are right now?

GD: It’s too early to tell. I’ve been working on my overall game... I want to play well and help this basketball team get better and to win games.

KR: Last season unfortunately Nikola Pekovic missed some time to injury. There’s been talk on limiting his minutes. You’ve proven yourself. Do you think you can help him stay on the court for the whole season by giving him time to rest during games?

GD: Absolutely. I think that’s not my decision. That’s coach’s decision, but I’ll do whatever I have to do. I think I’m ready.