Three Questions With Cole Aldrich

Our Kyle Ratke was able to chat with Bloomington Jefferson graduate Cole Aldrich before Wednesday night's game between the Wolves and Knicks. Check out their chat below:

KR: You're back in Minnesota where everything started. What's it like back being in Minneapolis playing against the hometown team?

CA: It's always fun to come back home. It's a good feeling. The biggest thing is just eliminating the distractions. You come back and you know a lot of people. Everybody wants to see you, but the big thing is we have a job to do. That's the most important thing. Everyone can see you during the summer time, but during the season it gets a little tough. You just hope to see them after the game.

KR: How many tickets did you have to get for this game? Did you have to ask any teammates for some spares?

CA: Being in a city that most guys usually don't use tickets, I think I've got like 10 or 12 of them, so yeah it's nice. I usually just take as many as I can get and let everyone know I have a ticket for them.

KR: You always read about how big colleges are like fraternities. Duke, UNC, Kansas. You're obviously a Kansas guy and so is Andrew Wiggins. Have you been able to talk with him at all?

CA: I was hoping to see him out before on the court, but I'll probably say something to him before the game. But that's what it is (a fraternity). We didn't play together, but we're still a family. You always wish the best for anybody that went to your program. It's always fun to see guys succeed.

KR: You played ball at a basketball college at Kansas, but now you're playing in New York. Everyone says it's pretty different playing in New York. What's it like playing in the belly of the beast?

CA: It's definitely true. You're playing at the Garden every night. You see everyone sitting on the sidelines watching and it's cool, but at the end of the day you're playing basketball and you just go out there, work hard and have fun doing it.