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Teammates Are 'Really Happy' For Wiggins

by Kyle Ratke, Digital Content Manager

Digital Content Manager


The Wolves signed Andrew Wiggins to a multi-year extension Wednesday.

The former No. 1 pick has been with the Wolves since being traded to the team in 2014 for Kevin Love. Since his rookie season, Wiggins has improved his points per game from 16.9 in 2014-15 to 23.6 in 2016-17.

After Wednesday’s practice, Wiggins’ teammates spoke out in support of the signing.

“He deserves every dime,” Wolves big man Karl-Anthony Towns said. “He’s one heck of a player. We’re blessed to have him, especially for the long term now. It told him before that I’m really happy he signed it and I’m really happy he’s going to be here long term. I truly believe he deserves every dime. He works tremendously hard. He’s a once in a generational talent . . . We’re lucky to have him.”

The deadline for the deal was the start of the regular season. Had a deal not been reached, the two sides would have had to wait until after the season.

“Really happy for him,” Tyus Jones said. “I think everyone was kind of waiting on that, so very happy for him.”

Wiggins, in true Wiggins fashion, was patient with the contract. He said Wednesday after signing the deal that he was in no rush and by no means was it a difficult deal to get done. Both sides wanted the same thing, for Wiggins to stay in Minnesota.

“He’s such a big piece,” veteran Jamal Crawford said. “I think he’ll sleep well tonight.”


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