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Seimone Augustus Is A Fan Of The Jamal Crawford Crossover

by Kyle Ratke, Digital Content Manager

Digital Content Manager


When it comes to the crossover, you could get stuck on YouTube for hours looking at Jamal Crawford highlights.

This is something that our good friend and even better writer, Julian Andrews, wrote about earlier this month.

In a recent podcast with John Focke, future WNBA Hall of Famer Seimone Augustus admitted that watching Crawford on YouTube is something that she’s done regularly. Fittingly, Crawford and Augustus are the King and Queen of the Crossover. And they both play in Minnesota.

“It’s crazy because Jamal Crawford was one of the players I watched,” Augustus said. “I tell young players all the time. In this day in era, you can go on YouTube and many different social media sites and find what you’re looking for and Jamal Crawford was one of those players that I would go on YouTube and just hit ‘Jamal Crawford crossover’ and watch him do his thing. The behind-the-back crossover is his thing.”

Did someone say behind-the-back crossover?

“I saw him drop Ray Allen when he played for the Celtics, crossover in the pick and roll,” Augustus continued. “He is a person that I watch. Like what is he adding to it? He doesn’t switch it up much but just the instinctual ability that he has to kind of shift people and get him off of him in order for him to get his shot off.”

And my goodness gracious. Augustus’ memory doesn’t fail her. This clip of Crawford (oddly as a Warrior – he played there for 54 games during the 2009-09 season) has been banned in the Allen family. In fact, rumors are that Allen tried to sneak into the YouTube headquarters to delete it forever.

The podcast was a very good listen between Focke, a true expert of the Lynx, and Augustus. You can check it out here.