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Introducing the Timberwolves New Uniforms for 2017-18.

Minnesota Timberwolves New Uniforms

Icon + Association

Minnesota Timberwolves Icon Edition Jersey Back
Minnesota Timberwolves Icon Edition Jersey Front

Icon Edition

Midnight Navy + Lake Blue

The Icon Edition is revered as the most prominent element within the family of uniforms. Its bold and unique nature illuminates and represents the distinctiveness of our team. From the core colors to the nine letters embroidered across the chest, the Icon Edition is symbolic to our rich heritage and separates us from our opponents.

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Association Edition

Traditional Home White + Midnight Navy

The Association Edition pays homage to the world’s most exclusive basketball club and stands as a representation of originality. Each player in the league will grace the court in the traditional threads as a badge of honor for the very dream they have all made come true.

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Minnesota Timberwolves Association Edition Jersey Back
Minnesota Timberwolves Association Edition Jersey Front
Minnesota Timberwolves Icon Edition Jersey Back
Minnesota Timberwolves Icon Edition Jersey Front

Statement Edition

Aurora Green + Midnight Navy

The Statement Edition channels the athlete with declaration of opinion, uniqueness of expression and communication of mood without words. It is inspired by the player mindset, and the uniform’s primary color is emblematic to the Minnesota environment and the vibrance of the Northern Lights.

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City Edition


Connected by threads. United through fabric. The City Edition uniform represents our community’s unifying nature and hometown pride. It is decorated in grey and designed with a unique pattern to recall the North’s wintry characteristics and the guard hairs of a wolf during the frozen season. As the first of its kind, the uniform will also stand as a staple of the Bold North theme which celebrates Minnesota as the host of Super Bowl LII. Each time it is worn, all things within our cities’ limits will be magnified and showcased on the main stage.

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Minnesota Timberwolves City Edition Jersey Front
Minnesota Timberwolves City Edition Jersey Front

Technology Integration

Nike Technology Jersey Integration
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    100% Recycled Fabric

    Made from a combo of alpha yarns and recycled polyester. Each uniform represents 18 recycled bottles.

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    Modern Construction

    New Wolves vibe paired with zero distraction seams and hems to reduce irritation and restriction.

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    Performance Tailoring

    Scapula-shaped seams to accommodate shoulder motion and increase player mobility.

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    Lightweight Engineered Textures

    Stand-off mesh to ensure low moisture cling. Moisture repellency allows for maximum airflow.


360° View

360 Timberwolves Jersey View

Jersey History

  • Timberwolves Uniform From 1989 to 1996
  • Timberwolves Uniform From 1996 to 2008
  • Timberwolves Uniform From 2008 to 2010
  • Timberwolves Uniform From 2010 to 2017
  • Timberwolves Uniform From 2017 to Present


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