Wolves Draft Workout - May 30, 2013

by Mark Remme
Web Editor

Wolves President of Basketball Operations Flip Saunders

On how the workouts went

"It was good, it was a good workout. Guys were all pretty impressive and shot the ball well. It was a good workout."

On the quality of the shooting guard in the draft

"I really believe that the two spot has more quality than any other spot in the draft."

On Ricky Ledo

"He's a mystery from a lot of people that haven't seen him play a year ago. But not if you watched him in high school... he's had his history as far as switching schools. He's very talented, he's more of a playmaking kind of two and is almost like a point guard."

On whether or not he looks at Hardaway Jr. different because of his family ties

"Most of those guys who have come up, because of the pressure they have been under, they were the kids under their father... Many times they come up through and they are a lot tougher because no matter how good they play they've been told they aren't good enough."

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope


Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

How did you do in today's workout?

"I thought I shot the ball pretty well. In each drill I gave great effort."

What it's like going against other players

"Just a lot of energy. We competed against each other and played well against each other. Lots of tough shots, great defense. We just had to bring our A game."

What are you trying to improve on?

"Right now I'm just being patient and working on improving my game going through workouts and getting better each and every day."

How many workouts have you been to?

"This is my first workout."

You seemed nervous in Chicago, why?

"I was a nervous in Chicago. There was a lot of coaches there, GMs, coming out and just trying to improve and improve my game...Now I'm kind of calm and patient with it."

On competing with other shooting guards

"We all fighting to work the draft. A lot of shooting guards in this draft, all just competing with one another, and trying to improve."

Where do you think you'll go?

"Right now, we haven't really just talked about hat. We are just talking about the workouts and competing."

What about the No. 9 pick?

"We mentioned it, but not too much."

What do you need to show scouts?

"Show them that I can handle the ball. They know I can defend and shoot the ball. My ball handing just needs tome work."

What can you bring to a team?

"I bring a lot, I can bring an offensive game, a defensive game, I compete on both ends, I'm a team player."

Where do you want to be drafted?

"I do think about it, I just have to think about it, whatever team drafts you, you have to think about how you fit in going through their offense how you'd fit in."

Tim Hardaway, Jr.


Tim Hardaway, Jr.

On the workout

"It's great for the competition and for the personal self, to play for your own future."

What has your dad told you about the process

"Just go out there and have fun, this is a once in a lifetime kind of deal and just to go out there and have fun with it...I think I have to go on my own, I'm somewhat of an adult now, if I have questions or concerns can always ask him."

On how Michigan's longer season helped him

"It helps us out with condition, we had a longer season than most people, we stay in condition for longer... More reps, more playing. You can't get into shape by running all the time, you need to get into basketball shape."

On his contact with teammate Trey Burke who is expected to be a top-10 pick

"The last time I talked to Trey was at the combine... Before that we stayed in touch, I haven't talked to him much lately...I probably will later on this week."

Ricky Ledo


Ricky Ledo

Do you belong with this group?

"I definitely showed that I belong and that I can compete and stay along with the rest of the draft, I think I definitely held my own."

What was it like not playing last season at Providence?

"It was definitely tough, I said like you go to work 7 days a week but you don't get your pay check... I learned a lot, def practicing every day, it helped be develop my game...I don't feel like I'm behind that eight ball as far as playing, maybe film, but as far as a skill and playing I don't feel behind the 8 ball."

On playing with Ricky Rubio

"It makes our job a lot easier playing with a guy like Ricky, and I can def hit the outside shot and play the pick and roll game."

Should scouts be concerned about your character?

"I'm a good kid. I like to show I like to have fun, getting to know me and getting to know my game... Get to know me and you'll understand who I really am."

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