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Which 'Game Of Thrones' House Is Your Favorite Wolves Player In?

by Julian Andrews
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The Minnesota Direwolves all fight under the same banner on the court, but anyone who watches Game of Thrones knows that each of the royal houses has its own distinct characteristics. So which of your favorite Wolves players fit into which house?

Karl-Anthony Towns, Tyus Jones- House Stark: In the GoT universe, the Starks are the protectors of the North. They fend off all who would do the Northerners harm, stopping threats from the north and the south and uniting the bannermen under one flag. Towns acts as the Warden of the North, while Tyus, being raised in the North, understands better than anyone the people’s strength forged by the bitter winter (and April blizzards).

Andrew Wiggins- House Baratheon: Long allies of the Starks, the Baratheons are feared fighters whose strength on the battlefield is unparalleled. They are a ruling family who have known what it is like to sit upon the Iron Throne. Now they fight alongside the Starks to reclaim superiority.

Dario Saric- House Martell: The Martells are different kind of fighters. Saric destroys the opposition with a combination of shooting and playmaking that is unique to him and extremely hard to stop. Plus, the warm beaches of Croatia have a lot in common with the southern empire of Dorne.

Robert Covington- House Targaryen: The Targaryens bring the fire, literally. On the court, Covington plays with an unmatched passion and dedication, single-mindedly focused on destroying his opponents. Covington’s passion lights up Target Center and he, like the dragon queen, has quickly become a fan favorite.

Jeff Teague- House Lannister: The ultimate strategists, the Lannisters are always one step ahead of their enemies. Calculating and lethal, the Lannisters break down those who would harm their family like Jeff Teague picks apart defenses. Don’t get in his way.

Josh Okogie, Keita Bates-Diop, Cam Reynolds- House Mormont: Like the head of House Mormont, Lyanna Mormont, the Wolves rookies may be young, but they are fierce and loyal. They’ll do whatever it takes to help the Wolves to victory and whatever the odds, they’ll never give up or abandon the cause. As they grow up they will become stronger, smarter and faster, but they’ll never lose that fire.

Taj Gibson, Anthony Tolliver- House Tyrell: The Tyrells are not ones for the spotlight. They prefer to operate behind the scenes, using their power and influence to steer the course of events around Westeros. Gibson and Tolliver aren’t the stars, but they shape games with a few well-placed rebounds and three-pointers.

So there you have it! Disagree? Let us know why in the comments.


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