Video: Love's Home Run Baseball Returned

by Mark Remme
Web Editor



[Watch the Full Screen video here]


This was kind of a cool story. Kevin Love visited the Minnesota Twins and threw out the first pitch in September 2012 as the Twins honored him for helping Team USA win the Gold Medal in London the month before. While he was in the tunnel outside the Twins' clubhouse, he took some cuts in the batting cage as manager Ron Gardenhire looked on. Gardenhire told Love that if he's interested, he could come back later in the week to take batting practice on the field. Love said he would, and so prior to a game later that week Love returned to Target Field and took some cuts.


He did quite well, actually. 


Love hit at least one home run over the fence, and it landed right in front of usher Dan Seefelt. Seefelt heard a Wolves player might be taking batting practice that day, and when he heard it was Love he decided to make his way down to watch.


Seefelt held onto the ball with hopes that one day he would be able to give it to Love. That happened last week at Target Center, when he and Timberwolves member Dirk Bak were able to meet Love outside the locker room and give him the baseball.


"I kept it for the longest time thinking one day I would give it to him," Seefelt said. "Today, I handed it off to him and he gave me a pair of sneakers in exchange. It was pretty awesome. Nice guy."


It was one of those Don't Blink moments that both Seefelt and Bak won't soon forget.


"I had a great time," Seefelt said. "Kevin is a nice guy, seems down to earth. It was a quality experience, really top shelf. It was really nice."


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