Timberwolves Introduce North Star City Edition Uniform

Minneapolis/St. Paul – The Minnesota Timberwolves today announced the much-anticipated 2020-21 City Edition uniform. The latest Timberwolves City Edition uniform marks the fourth City Edition uniform for the franchise. Nike introduced the City Edition concept in 2016 to celebrate and honor each NBA team’s fans and localized attributes of their community.

The 2020-21 North Star City Edition uniform pays homage to the North Star that shines bright to guide and unite the over 5.6 million people of the State of Minnesota. The uniform’s main hue, midnight black, reflects the mystique and dark characteristics of a Minnesota night - a time when the North Star shines brightest. The collection of stars, running along the right-side panel of the uniform, represents the connection amongst people in Minnesota and around the world. The aurora green trim is symbolic of the vibrant hue that shines by way of the iconic Aurora Borealis - the transformative northern light that breaks through the darkness and is visible in the northern skies of Minnesota.

“The Timberwolves organization recognizes our influential platform as a guiding light for our communities, both on and off the court” said Timberwolves and Lynx CEO Ethan Casson. “The North Star City Edition uniform highlights and commemorates the North Star as an inspiring and unifying symbol of Minnesota.”

The North Star City Edition uniform celebrates the people throughout the state of Minnesota, and this season the Timberwolves will highlight and partner with community members to shine a spotlight and give them a greater voice. The team is working alongside local community artists to create a retail collection that visually displays each artists’ unique interpretation of the North Star City Edition platform. The first local artist partnering with the Timberwolves is Reggie LeFlore. LeFlore is a visual artist who paints to praise individual and collective stories through human portraiture. Influenced by the cultures of street art and illustration, he crafts his portraits and designs with vibrant colors and contemporary elements that aim to capture the energy and spirit of his subjects’ stories.

In addition, the Timberwolves will be auctioning game worn, North Star City Edition jerseys to benefit the Fastbreak Foundation. Throughout the season, the team will highlight Minnesotans who are involved with their Starting 5 Grantees and are making significant contributions in the communities in which we live, work and play.

For a detailed look at the threads, including a reveal video featuring local music artist Dua Saleh and LeFlore, visit Timberwolves.com/northstar

The Nike North Star City Edition uniform and Nike collection are on sale now at Timberwolves.com/northstar.