Simons Says - Feb. 28, 2013

by Mark Remme
Web Editor

It’s been a tough season for the Wolves. Anyone paying attention, fans, players, staff, ownership…it’s been a struggle. Less than 30-games remain for the Wolves and some resignation has crept in. Most see the improbability of the Wolves reaching the post-season after so much optimism at the season’s start. Games still have to be played but with the rash of injuries that haven’t let up since the season opener, it’s tough indeed.

That made me think last night. The one thing I like to do is enjoy the moment and then months later, when time permits, take a moment to look back and update. How are things now? Better? Worse? What’s the situation? I started thinking about the Wolves and it intensified when I noticed a Kevin Love tweet that he was watching the NBA double-header. I couldn’t help but think of all the positive momentum that was floating around the Twin Cities for the start of the Wolves season. We’re all left wondering what might have happened had this group had a serious run together.

You look at the preliminary roster information for tonight’s game against the Lakers tonight for example. Out for the game against Kobe and crew; AK, Kevin Love, B-Roy, Chase Budinger, Malcolm Lee with a handful of others nursing serious aches and pains. Kirilenko is once again battling a strained calf and that for the third time this season.

It’s not only driving me mad, GameON! And Wolves fans are going batty as well. This from longtime Wolves season ticket holder David in Maplewood: “Rod, love your show and glad to hear you’re joining KTWIN for Twins baseball coverage. I admit I’m very frustrated by what’s happened but injuries are not their fault. That stuff happens. I’m back next season but I fear the roster will look very different. Please urge them to re-sign Pek.”

David, thanks for the kind note and I am with you. Big guys, GOOD big guys, are hard to find in this league and with as much work as assistant coach Jack Sikma has put in with Pek, you would think he has major value to the Wolves, even with a higher price tag. Pek works well here. He is loved in the community and gives back, big time. All valuable elements to a player these days. Stay the course David. And keep hanging in there.

Beth in St. Paul writes; “I’m a Derrick Williams fan. I think he’s playing well despite not getting a fair shake. Will they keep him around?” Beth, thanks too for the note. I don’t have an answer for you as to whether D-Will comes or goes. I agree though. Derrick has supplied a shot in the arm and his game has improved. Much of that has to do with playing with Ricky Rubio and let’s be honest. D-Will knows what’s at stake. He can play in this league and all he has to do is assert himself. I hope there’s room for him on this roster when Kevin Love returns. We need depth. Players who want to be here and D-Will will be in the league for many years. I’d like to see it here.

Danielle in Maple Grove writes; “I enjoyed visiting a recent GameON! Taping and appreciate the opportunity to get players autographs as part of the visit. Thanks. And do you think coach Adelman will retire at the end of the season?” Danielle, to you thanks for the note and the kind words about GameON! I sure hope he’s back. One of the driving factors will be the health of his wife. As many of you know, Coach Adelman’s been away from the team several times this season as he’s attended to the care of his wife. Yes, coach is distracted by family matters which is completely understandable. Time will only tell if those off-court matters require more of his time and force him off the court. Too early to tell. But here’s hoping and praying that Mrs. Adelman’s health returns and coach is able to finish his work here.

Don’t forget, we love your e-mails and you can reach me at rod@ The NBA world champion Miami Heat are in town Monday. If you see me at Target Center, shout out and say hey. Let’s keep the faith and get a few wins here. Time is right, eh? And keep your GameON!

Schedule set for Lynx

Great to see that the 2012 Western Conference Champion Minnesota Lynx kick off their 15th anniversary season in the WNBA at home against Connecticut on Saturday, June 1 at 7 p.m. The 2013 WNBA campaign includes 34 regular-season games, dating from May 24 and Sept. 14. This year’s All-Star Game will be held in Uncasville, Connecticut on Saturday, July 27. The Lynx will play Western Conference teams Los Angeles (three times on the road, twice at home) and Phoenix (three times at home, twice on the road) five times this season, while facing off with San Antonio, Seattle and Tulsa four times each, twice at home and twice on the road. Minnesota will face all six Eastern Conference teams twice, once at home and once on the road. The 2013 Lynx campaign also includes two nationally broadcast home games on July 9 vs. Atlanta and Aug. 24 vs. Indiana.

We’re all on MY29!

You know that GameON! is on FOX’s MY29! The Wolves offer a franchise-record 78 regular-season games televised locally, including 50 on Fox Sports North and 25 on the Wolves' exclusive over-the-air broadcast home, WFTC My29. For the second consecutive season, every Wolves regular season contest will be carried live on News Radio 830 WCCO-AM.

See you on TV

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Keep your GameON! See you soon!

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