Robert Covington Makes A Significant Donation To Tennessee State Basketball

by Julian Andrews
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Robert Covington is a generous man. 

He’s been very involved in Wolves community events, he sponsors a Tickets for Kids group and he’s consistently been willing to show up for his community with both his time and money.

That community extends to his alma mater Tennessee State University. This week, Covington made a major donation of $75,000 to the basketball program. Covington has remained close with Tennessee State coach Penny Collins who was an assistant when Covington was in school.

"I just wanted to give back," Covington told The Tennessean. "My guy, Penny, has been a great dude. I've been giving back continuously for years. I just felt like now is the time to make things happen. It's a time for change and progression. I'm in a great place to give back more than I normally have, and I feel like it was my calling."

Tennessee State is not known nationally for its basketball program and they have only made the NCAA tournament twice. A donation of this kind will help the school to better-support the students in the program and can help grow the profile of a program.


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