Reddit user says you should eat Target Center's hot dogs without condiments, Timberwolves Executive Chef David Fhima agrees

Jared Kronenwetter knew that some people would think he was “insane.”  

But that didn’t stop him. 

Because for Kronenwetter, the hot dogs from the grab-and-go MPLS Market locations on the 200 Level of Target Center are so “damn good,” he had to post about them on Reddit

How good are they? 

Well, as Kronenwetter announced on Reddit, he eats them with “no condiments, just straight dog.” 

That’s right.  

No condiments. 

Just straight dog. 

For Timberwolves Executive Chef David Fhima, Kronenwetter’s no-condiment preference isn’t a surprise. 

It’s a satisfying validation of his and Levy Resteraunts’ passionate vision to transform the preconceived concept of NBA concessions through an ideology of elevating the simple. 

"Seven years ago, we started this quest to change what food people expect to be in an arena,” Fhima says. “So, wherever someone’s sitting, they would always get the highest possible quality of product. 

“What you eat does not dictate quality. Quality is dictated by the integrity of the product. And we buy the best product.” 

Fhima walks it like he talks it.  

He spent a whole summer tasting hot dogs and buns, preparing them in different ways to figure out what combination tasted superior. 

The result is a 100 percent kosher beef hot dog that’s cooked through a two-step process of initially getting steamed and then finished on a flat top griddle. This attention to detail heightens their flavor and is why Kronwetter gets them on the reg. 

“If I'm going to a Timberwolves game,” Kronenwetter says. “I’m going to the grab-and-go market; I’m going to get a hot dog. It’s the easiest, it’s the fastest and they’re good. 

“I don’t think I ever eaten anything else at Wolves games.” 

Kronenwetter’s discovery was from necessity.  

As a member of PACKcussion, the official drumline of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Kronenwetter needed something quick to eat during his break on gamedays. The grab-and-go MPLS Market locations on the 200 Level served his purpose and instantly became a go-to thanks to that first bite of hot dog. 

Jared Kronenwetter's (center) PACKcussion performances are fueled by MPLS Market hot dogs.

“I was pleasantly surprised of how good the hot dog was,” Kronenwetter says. “I felt no need to try anything else since then.” 

Kronenwetter skipped condiments initially because he didn’t want to accidentally stain his PACKcussion uniform. This understandable choice led to an extremely satisfying result. 

"The first time I got it, I grabbed it and ate it plain,” Kronenwetter says. “What more do you need. It was that good. 

“Ever since then I felt no need for ketchup or mustard.” 

According to Fhima, the quality of the hot dogs combined with the way they are cooked are why condiments aren’t needed.  

“Most stadiums pre-make their hot dogs and are left in a hot box,” Fhima says. “Our hot dogs are cooked right there, made as people order them.” 

This level of dedication all goes back to Fhima’s focus on enhancing simplicity throughout Target Center’s concessions.  

“We let the taste be complicated in the simplest of ingredients and recipes,” Fhima says. “That’s where the art lives.” 

Like a work of art, Kronenwetter will admire the MPLS Market hot dog every chance he gets. 

“I will continue eating those hot dogs as long as I’m in PACKcussion or going to Wolves games,” Kronenwetter says. “They’re good dogs.” 

The MPLS Market locations on the 200 Level are located outside Sections 209, 213, 233 and 229. For Round 2 of the 2024 NBA Playoffs, fans can try the Twin Harbors Dog, a bacon-wrapped hot dog topped with chopped lettuce, tomatoes and garlic aioli, at the concession stands located outside Sections 136 and 237.