Pekovic Gets Closer At Jimmy John's

by Mark Remme
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Pekovic Gets Closer With Fans At Jimmy John's

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Wolves center Nikola Pekovic spent time on Thursday afternoon handing out free sandwiches to fans at the Block E Jimmy John’s across the street from Target Center. The event, part of the Wolves’ current “Get Closer” ad campaign, was an opportunity for fans to meet Pekovic over their lunch break downtown.

“All these people, they watch us on TV or on the court, so I know it means a lot for them to meet us and just to get closer,” Pekovic said. “To see that we’re just normal people like them, just playing basketball.”

Pekovic spent a half hour meeting with fans, taking pictures and handing them the sandwiches of their choice. The restaurant was packed with the line going out the door, and Pekovic got a chance to hear from fans and get to know the Wolves’ community a bit better.

The afternoon was a hit for Pekovic, Jimmy John’s and the fans alike.

“It’s just fantastic,” Jimmy John's store owner Rob Mulligan said. “It brings us notoriety, and being that we’re right across the street from where they play, it’s just awesome.”

Fans were equally excited about the event. Lacy, a fan who came to the event, said she loves the Wolves and couldn’t wait to meet him. Jeff, another fan, was equally excited.

“It’s great—it’s cool,” he said. “I love the Wolves, I like this new campaign, this “Get Closer” thing. And it’s pretty neat meeting him in person and hearing his thick accent.”

The Timberwolves "Get Closer" season ticket membership campaign gives fans an opportunity to get closer to the players without the interference of distance, equipment or barriers.

And, Wolves season ticket members get closer to the team and its players through benefits only available to them. Pekovic, Ricky Rubio, Andrei Kirilenko and Greg Stiemsma appeared in ads with Wolves season ticket members as part of the "Get Closer" campaign.

“Trying to get closer with fans,” Pekovic said. “We really need their support. We’ve had a tough season and everything, but their support means a lot to us.”

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