Noah Vonleh Fits What The Wolves Are Trying To Do

A big reason why Noah Vonleh was such an exciting prospect coming out of Indiana in 2014 was his ability, or potential ability, to shoot from deep.

In his only season with the Hoosiers, Vonleh shot 48.5 percent from the 3-point line on 1.1 attempts per game.

A small sample size sure, but as we know about the draft, it’s all about potential.

We’ve seen that somewhat translate to the NBA. In five seasons, Vonleh is shooting 31.6 percent from deep. 

When you consider the volume and percentage, last season was probably his best season in that regard, shooting 33.6 percent from the 3-point line on a career-high 2.0 attempts per game.

That was a big part of Vonleh shooting an effective field goal percentage of 52.3 percent, which is also a career high.

The effective field goal percentage takes into account of the 3-point shot being worth more than the 2-point shot. Math!

It’s clear last season that Vonleh was most comfortable shooting from the right side of the court.  

The season prior, he was mostly from shooting above the arc.

“I’ve been very confident. My whole life I’ve been looking to shoot the 3-point shot, from high school to middle school, college and then the NBA,” Vonleh said. “I mean, depending on the team and situation you go to, they might need different things. I just remind myself, do the things team wants you to do, but also remember to work on the things that got you to the NBA.”

While Vonleh might not average 25.3 minutes per game like he did last season with the Knicks (although, it will be really interesting to see how playing time is divvied up with this team), the Wolves will almost surely have Vonleh shooting 3-pointers.  

The midrange shot in the NBA is on life support, which is actually a good thing for Vonleh. He shot just 2.3 percent of his shots from 10-16 feet last season and 3.9 percent from 16 feet to the 3-point line.  

He gets it.

We saw a glimpse of how the Wolves are going to play at 2019 Summer League. It was almost all 3-pointers and layups for Summer League coach Pablo Prigioni. And that’s a system change that we’re seeing from this team, led by coach Ryan Saunders. 

The team has a new shot chart up in the practice facility, showing the potential point value of each shot. There’s no surprise the least efficient shots are inbetween the paint and the 3-point line. 

Vonleh talked at his introductory press conference about how he was able to showcase more of his skillset with the Knicks.

Judging from what Vonleh’s skillset is and what the Wolves want to do, he should get the same opportunity with the Wolves.