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Looking At The Timberwolves' Odds In The 2019 NBA Draft Lottery

by Kyle Ratke, Digital Content Manager

Digital Content Manager


The NBA Draft is coming up in less than two months.

We don’t know the draft order quite yet. That will be determined by a bunch of ping pong balls in the NBA Draft Lottery on May 14. 

Each team will have a representative to play in a league-wide ping-pong tournament in Las Vegas. Just kidding. That's not how it works.

After finishing with a regular-season record of 36-46, the Timberwolves finished with the 10th-worst record in the NBA.

Below is a look at the Timberwolves’ odds in the NBA lottery for each pick:

1: 3.0%

2: 3.3%

3. 3.6%

4. 4.0%

5-9: 0%

10: 65.9%

11: 18.9%

12: 1.2 %

13: Less than 1%

14: Less than 1%

So, to recap, more than likely, the Wolves will stick at No. 10. They have a 13.9 percent chance to move up and just more than a 20 percent chance to move back.

You’re probably wondering why the Timberwolves can’t get the No. 5-9 picks. That’s because the first four picks are awarded by a drawing of ping pong balls. The rest of the picks (5-14) are assigned and sorted by team records. The Wolves would move back only if a team behind them (Lakers, Hornets, Heat or Kings) jumped into the top four.  

The Knicks, Cavaliers and Suns all have a 14 percent chance to get the No. 1 pick with the NBA’s lottery reformation.

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