Kammron Taylor Interview


Guard Kammron Taylor

Q: On working out for hometown team:
Taylor: It was great. To play in front of a team, in front of the coaching staff who I grew up watching play, it felt great. It'd feel even better if they decided to (pick) me at 41, but anything can happen. It was just a great experience.

Q: On fulfilling his NBA dream:
Taylor: I just want to be able to get on a roster. I know (the Wolves) are guard heavy but I love competition. I wouldn't be playing basketball if I didn't. I know that they just drafted, last year, Randy Foye, who's probably going to be their (starting point guard), but I'm the type of guy who can come in here and push him and make him better.

Q: On whether he was nervous for his first NBA Draft workout:
Taylor: I was more excited than nervous. Just the fact that I'm trying out for an NBA team, and it's something that I grew up dreaming about. And to start my first workout with the home team where I'm from, where I grew up; it's pretty exciting.

Q: On the his expectations of his first NBA draft workout:
Taylor: It was what I expected. I was down in Indianapolis for about two and a half weeks training with Ed Schilling -- he used to be an assistant coach for the New Jersey Nets -- so I kind of knew some of the drills we were going to be doing. We first came in here and one of the first drills we did was something that I've been practicing for about two and a half weeks. I feel like the guy I was training with before got me prepared for it.

Q: On the initial NBA impact he believes he could make:

A: When you get to this level, any team you get drafted to, they're going to have one or two stars on the team and they're not expecting a 6-2 point guard to come in and take the team over. They want to be able to trust him with the ball and make sure he doesn't come in and make bad decisions and I feel like I've showed that over the last three years at Wisconsin.

Q: On what he thinks NBA teams need to see in his playing ability that he didn't necessary show at Wisconsin in order to fit into their plans:
A: Probably being able to be a little bit better of a playmaker. When I was in college I didn't have a high assist (total), but I wasn't turning the ball over. I could be that type of guy, that's just a solid backup point guard who could knock down the open shot. You look at a guy like Daniel Gibson, the things he's doing; I could see myself doing the same thing for any team.

Q: On his expectations on draft day:
A: My expectations, honestly; I want to get drafted. It doesn't matter where I go, if I'm the last pick, if I'm No. 50, or if I'm No. 41 to the Timberwolves. I want to get drafted, but if that doesn't happen I'm still going to work my butt off to try and get on a summer team and prove myself there.