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Iowa Wolves President Talks About Upcoming Open Tryouts


This transcript has been edited and condensed for clarity. This conversation is from an episode of the Layup Line podcast between Kyle Ratke, Julian Andrews and Iowa Wolves President Ryan Grant.

KR: The open tryouts September 15in Minneapolis and September 22 in Iowa, can you talk about what that process is like? I’m horrible at basketball, but even for people who are good at basketball, it’s kind of an intimidating thing, can you just talk about what that process is like?

RG: Yeah, so typically what happens is we come in and we have all of our coaches there and we run a workout, and we’ll have somewhere between 40 and 60 guys who are trying out for the team and want to give it a go. We’ve got guys that are playing European ball and guys that are just coming out of college, and they want to give it a shot and see what they can do. It’s fun, it’s competitive, I think last year we ended up in training camp with three or four guys that were a part of the tryouts. It’s really interesting to watch. They get after each other and you’ve got some guys who are really good and you’ve got some guys that aren’t so great, but they want to give it a shot, and that’s what makes it fun.

 KR: That is really cool.  Jonathan Simmons, who landed with the Spurs, he was an open tryout player, so that’s kind of a cool thing… In the NBA it’s so much about systems too you might just have a guy who fits your system and you bring him in.


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