Game Night Spotlight: Crunch's Birthday Bash's "Mascots Got Talent"

by Mark Remme
Web Editor

Photo Credit: David Sherman & Jordan Johnson/NBAE/Getty Images

Cristy Brusoe
Web Editorial Assistant

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Saturday night was a very special evening at Target Center, and not only because our hometown Timberwolves were playing.

Saturday night brought together a collection of mascots from around the NBA for Crunch’s Birthday Bash.

During the halftime festivities, the mascots competed in the “Mascots Got Talent” competition in front of Crunch himself to determine who would be Crunch’s Birthday MVP.

Slamson the Lion from the Sacramento Kings started off the competition by performing a guitar solo for Crunch. Next was The Coyote from the San Antonio Spurs, who rode a unicycle around the arena while stumbling to juggle three bats in the air.

Benny the Bull from the Chicago Bulls was the most impressive as he performed a dance routine to “Billie Jean.” Benny pop-and-locked while emulating the moonwalk.

Grizz from the Memphis Grizzlies couldn’t match-up as he attempted a foul-play magic trick for the fans. And Clutch from the Houston Rockets wasn’t much better, directed an orchestra musical performance with his behind.

There was only one mascot left to impress Crunch and that was Rocky from the Denver Nuggets. Rocky was a bit of the underdog as this was his first appearance at Crunch’s annual Birthday Bash. But, Rocky cracked under pressure and couldn’t hit his trick half-court shot from behind the back.

When it came down to it, Crunch narrowed his choices down to Grizz, Rocky, Slamson or Benny the Bull. Crunch asked for the help of the crowd who gave a resounding cheer for Benny the Bull, making him the MVP of Crunch’s Birthday Bash!

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