Hero In The Making: Carter Olson

Hero In The Making: Carter Olson

Kelsey Kroll
Wolves Editorial/Social Media Associate


At the age of seven, the simplest worry in a child's life should be nothing more than being chosen last for a team on the playground.

However, for 7-year-old Carter Olson of New Brighton, anxieties on the playground pale in comparison to the struggles he has faced.

This past July, Carter was diagnosed with a brain tumor and within 24 hours of the diagnosis, Carter underwent an 8-hour surgery to remove the tumor. Following the surgery, he was left with the inability to walk and suffered double vision.

On Friday at Target Center, the Timberwolves honored Carter for his courage. He was Friday’s “Hero in the Making,” which is part of the FastBreak Foundation and C.H. Robinson’s WolvesCare Month.
Timberwolves President Chris Wright and C.H. Robinson Worldwide representative Casey Baumgartner presented Carter with a jersey and an autographed team ball at half court during the Wolves-Spurs game, prompting a big ovation from the crowd.

Carter and his family refused to let this setback keep him from living the life he deserves. Carter worked hard in physical therapy and within seven weeks he was walking again. He also endured six weeks of radiation therapy and is currently going through chemotherapy to fight his cancer.

And despite the painful treatments, medicines and surgeries, Carter has kept a positive outlook, never complaining or feeling sorry for himself.

Friday’s on-court presentation was something Carter was excited to experience since first being told he would be the recipient. However, he was unable to attend the initial date set for his “Hero in the Making” presentation as he was schedule for another session of chemotherapy. As devastated as he was, the smile on his face following Friday’s presentation proved the wait was worthwhile.

“He hasn’t been nervous for tonight,” Carter’s dad Joel Olson said. “He has been looking forward to this for a long time.”

Carter’s mom, Cyndi Olson knew Friday night was not only a great escape from the struggles Carter has battled but also a celebration.

“He is having a great time,” Cyndi Olson said. “But we are also celebrating, he had a six-month MRI scan on his brain and spine today and there is no tumor re-growth showing at all. We spent the entire day at the hospital, eight hours, so this is a perfect celebration.”

Even though Carter had a long and exhausting day, the tough guy was eager to speak with Timberwolves.com and Wolves Radio following his on-court presentation. While he kept the interview short and sweet he made sure to say how much fun he had and ‘Thank You.’

Both Cyndi and Joel Olson expressed their gratitude for the Timberwolves FastBreak Foundation and C.H. Robinson Worldwide as the experience truly has helped Carter make it through this difficult time.

“It’s just great,” Joel said. “All the while he was going through treatment he had this to look forward to and has really been excited. It’s great that they (C.H. Robinson Worldwide) do this. It’s amazing all the different charities and things going on out there. People are really generous and it’s been great.

“It’s been a wonderful, wonderful day. He will be talking about this for a long time. You have made his day, more than his day.”

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