Fantasy Freak Week 16

After a two-week hiatus, PA is back to spit fantasy knowledge like he were Roberto Alomar in front of an umpire. He took a brief leave of absence because he felt like his fantasy basketball team, Funk Shui, needed to focus on their cohesiveness and worry less about their numbers. Now he's back.

MT: What's the deal Paul? Before we get to the weekly awards, can you tell us if you and your squad were in attendance at the Grammy's?
PA: Actually we went over to Steve Nash's place because he's a big James Blunt guy. I think he had a relationship in his past where he likes track four on that CD, "Goodbye My Lover." He knows it well, he knows its smell. We knew James Blunt was going to perform, so we just sat around Steve's and waited for that. Some of the older guys in the front office really appreciated the Police leading off, and I think everybody appreciated all of those females that were rolling up on the stage. It was a good evening for Funk Shui, and now we're just excited for All-Star Weekend where we'll probably go as a team.

MT: Speaking of Nash, rumor has it he cut his hair because of James Blunt comparisons? As a guy that has Nash's ear, can you confirm or deny?
PA: I asked Steve that because we had heard the same thing. When his hair was getting ratty, and he had to put it behind his ears, I can understand the pasty James Blunt comparison. But Steve can't sing as well as James, and James can't play basketball as well as Steve, so the conversation pretty much ends at the hair.

MT: Let's get to the awards:

MVP: Pau Gasol
LVP: Marcus Camby/Baron Davis
Best Stop-Gap: Paul Millsap
Drop of the Week: Earl Watson
Trade Him Now: Caron Butler
Trade FOR Him Now: Ricky Davis

Worst Stat Lines of the Week:
Marcus Camby: 0 AST, 0 PTS, 0 ST, 0 BLK, 0 REB, 0 TO
Corey Maggette: 2 AST, 12 PTS, 7 TO, 7 TRB
Baron Davis: 0 AST, 0 PTS, 0 ST, 0 BLK, 0 REB, 0 TO
Channing Frye: 2 AST, BK, 8 PTS, 3 TO, 5 TRB

MT: So, about my 7th-round draft pick Pau Gasol, who was the 4th best all-around player after KG, Dirk and Melo in my league last week. I'll take 19 AST, 12 BK, 90 PTS, 50 REB and 1 ST in three games, PA.
PA: The guy who whooped me last week* had Pau Gasol, so I followed him closely. He's blocking four shots a game, getting a few steals, pulling down 15 rebounds a game and scoring 30. In that offense, and the fact that they don't play any defense and want to go up and down the court, he's going to be a monster player all year. He's been absolutely fantastic. I though about trying to trade for him, but he got too hot too soon. I didn't have the proper assets.
*Due to Nash being injured

MT: As a great fantasy basketball mind, as we here in Wolves-Land refer to you, can you remember a time when Baron Davis or Marcus Camby made it through a whole season?
PA: Nope. It's an absolute guarantee. But that plays into where you take them in drafts. Camby goes somewhere between the fourth and sixth rounds every single year. I had him for four consecutive years, and he was big when I won a championship. But I don't take players like that until we get to the fifth round.

MT: We should also talk about Amare Stoudemire, who put up 31.75 points and 11.25 rebounds without Steve Nash last week.
PA: He's unbelievable right now. It's at a stage of the year where you can tell that Mr. D'Antoni really let loose on him up to the All-Star break, knowing he was going to get some time off. His rebounding and points have been great, and he's playing over 40 minutes a night. His free throws have been about 80% and he's shooting really well from the field.

MT: So the only thing that's missing from his game right now is the blocks, you told me earlier?
PA: This is a guy who used to block five shots a game, coming out of nowhere to swat that thing off the backboard and go the other way with Nash leading the break. He'll go through stretches where he won't have a block for four games. I don't know what that plays into in terms of where he is physically, but he's not the shot-blocking force he used to be.

MT: What's up with the mercurial Ruben Patterson? The dude went from 25 fantasy points per game in Week 14 to 53 in Week 15! Can we just assume he started dating the lead singer from the Pussycat Dolls or something?
PA: I'd trade him right now. Michael Redd is coming back after the All-Star break, and that will cut into a lot of numbers in Milwaukee right now. Mercurial is a great way to put it for Ruben. He's been rather enigmatic throughout his career. Super-talented, even as a veteran, and has good spring in his jump, but from a fantasy standpoint...his stock is high enough right now that you should move him if you can.

MT: Speaking of Nicole Scherzinger of the P-Cat Dolls...have you seen the video they do for ABC's Sunday afternoon coverage? She's a special, special person.
PA: I don't know who Nicole and the PussyCat Dizzles are. I've never seen them. I'm 41 years old. Give me a break. I'm into John Oats and James Blunt.

MT: I put her picture to your right. We know you're all about the funky good music that you'll play on the PA and Dubay show, or your own bit on KOOL 108 on Sunday mornings. But on your Tuesday show, wasn't your producer messing with your tunes?
PA: Man, that clown has my CDs all over the office. I try to open up with a certain song, do that little PA and Dubay opening that people like, and it was just dead air out of the gate. So I'm like, what in the heck is this? You don't want to get too mad at him because he's lost 33 pounds and feels really good about himself. He's the artist formerly known as "fat," so you don't want to break him down over something trivial.

MT: Why are you telling people to drop Caron Butler as if he just cleared the room?
PA: I've seen his productivity decrease pretty rapidly his last five games. I watched a couple Wizards games, and it's not like his numbers are bad, but his season numbers are still good from the run he had with Antawn Jamison. But with Jamison out for another three weeks to a month, Butler's getting a lot of focus. You can only put so many people on Gilbert Arenas. The rest are going to Butler, and he's slipping a bit. I think you can get good value for Butler still.

MT: Why do you want to trade for our boy Ricky Davis?
PA: I'm trying to trade for Davis, and I'm probably going to offer Kevin Martin, who steals and scores the ball more. Ricky is hitting his threes, and except for one bad game in the last week and a half, he's an 18-point, five-rebound, five-assist guy every night. He's very solid in six categories right now, including FG and FT percentage. I'd wait for a bad Ricky Davis game, realize it's a mirage and not a trend, and try to trade for him.

MT: You were flying solo this week with Dubay in Florida. Any vacations coming up for PA?
PA: A couple, including a Caribbean cruise. In fact, we might try to sneak either Kevin Durant or Greg Odon on that cruise with us just to see how they handle themselves in that Caribbean atmosphere with the dancing, frothy beverages and good friendship...just in case something falls our way next year.

MT: You told me you'd like to sing some praises for...
PA: I'd like to recognize Josh Smith of the Atlanta Hawks for the week he just had. He scored about 20 points a game and blocked about three shots a game. He's shooting over 50 percent, and along with Marvin Williams has helped Joe Johnson's assist numbers get back to where they need to be. Smith is absolutely fantastic right now.

MT: Good idea, in case you want to draft them for Funk Shui 2K8 edition. Whom are you taking if you're an NBA GM, assuming they both come out?
PA: It depends. Durant looks like a 30 and 15 guy most nights in a pretty nice conference, and people may be starting to sway his way. Durant is going to come out of the gate firing better because he handles the ball more and scores more. But personally, I'm a long-term guy, and I think Greg Oden is one of those teenagers who looks like a full-grown man, like Lebron. No matter whom Ohio State is playing, Oden turns it into a 5-on-4 game. He takes the opposing center completely out of the game, and should be able to do that in the NBA within a couple years. I think Oden should go first, and I'd rather have him.

MT: I'm with you there. Sign me up for Oden. Thanks for the time PA.
PA: Good bye Michael.