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Expect Better Shooting Numbers For Treveon Graham In 2019-20

by Kyle Ratke, Digital Content Manager

Digital Content Manager


Two years ago, Treveon Graham shot 41.2 percent from the 3-point line on 1.5 attempts per game with the Charlotte Hornets.

That probably shouldn’t have been much of a surprise considering he shot 38.1 percent from deep as a senior at VCU on 5.1 attempts per game. 

But the 2018-19 season was a struggle for Graham in his first and only season in Brooklyn. 

He shot just 29.7 percent from deep and he saw his effective field goal percentage dip to a career-low 43.5 percent. 

That’s why the Wolves acquiring him from Brooklyn probably got lost in the shuffle this offseason.  

But there’s a reason for Graham’s slump. After just two games, Graham suffered a hamstring injury that caused him to miss more than two months. Upon his return, Graham dealt with a back injury. In total, he played in just 35 games.

That was tough for the third-year player to find his rhythm.

“Last year, it took a dip. I was injured for a little while and it kind of took a dip,” Graham said in the latest episode of The Layup Line. “When my confidence is up and I’m kind of feeling it, my shot is as good as it was back then.” 

It will help Graham that he’ll have assistant coach Pablo Prigioni on staff. Prigioni was Graham’s primary coach last season with the Nets, and that chemistry should help as he transitions to his third team in three seasons. 

“If anything, he’ll give you energy every day,” Graham said. “He was my coach that I worked with. On days when I came with not the most energy, he made sure that I picked up my energy throughout the day and he got me through a lot of practices, a lot of pregame rituals. That’s something I can always look forward to with him is bringing that energy.” 

While Graham only appeared in 35 games, it’s worth noting he started 21 of those games and played 20.4 minutes per contest. He also played 16 minutes per contest in Brooklyn’s first-round series against the 76ers.

It feels like we should be talking about how the Wolves managed to acquire a player who played rotational minutes in the playoffs last season for virtually nothing. 


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