Draft 2K8 - DeAndre Jordan


Age: 19
Hometown: Houston, Texas
College: Texas A&M
Position: Center
Height: 7-0
Weight: 255
Class: Freshman

Jordan is huge, he’s strong, and he has a great deal of talent. He’s clearly the most raw, least developed player in the lottery. He isn’t the typical 7-footer, in that he’s also very athletic, explosive and quick … Thus the excitement for his future. The hope is that Jordan turns into Andrew Bynum, another raw, talented prospect who struggled before making big gains in the 2007-08 season (prior to his injury). Jordan scored eight points and grabbed six boards in only 20 minutes of action per game for the Aggies as a frosh.

His rawness expounds itself particularly on offense, as he does not possess much of a low-post game in terms of savvy and post moves, and is a poor shooter in general. From the free-throw line, he shot only 43.7 percent at A&M. He isn’t a good passer, and averaged only 0.2 steals a game, perhaps signifying a lack of court awareness. But the biggest concern about Jordan is his work ethic and focus, or lack there of.

The Wolves don't have a center, and Jordan may just have the most upside of anyone big in the draft. What you hope is that Jordan grows into an elite NBA center in a few years, forming an unstoppable partnership with Al Jefferson in the paint. Even if Jordan doesn’t develop into an elite player, he has the size and ability to nonetheless offer a nice compliment to Al Jefferson. Because Jefferson does so much and Minnesota is so young, the Wolves could bring Jordan along slowly, and let him grow perhaps as Bynum did.

Sludge's take on DEANDRE JORDAN

Jordan played just five minutes in round one, but did earn 15 minutes of time against the Bruins, putting up six points and four rebounds (three offensive) in the narrow loss.

First Round: Texas A&M 67, Brigham Young 62
Second Round: UCLA 51, Texas A&M 49

Chad Ford’s Top 100
"On talent and physical ability, he's got the makings of a Top 5 pick. Jordan would be the No. 1 pick in the draft if he were producing anywhere near the numbers of the guys ranked ahead of him. However, his poor second half has hurt his stock somewhat. If he stays in the draft, he'll go in the lottery even though he's a work in progress. While it's difficult to pinpoint his position exactly, it's hard to see him slipping out of the lottery."

Draft Express
"Offensively, Jordan is still extremely raw, displaying unpolished footwork, having a tough time establishing position for himself in the post, and clearly struggling finishing through any type of contact, even against very average competition at times. He has a difficult time holding his spot on the block, lacking a great deal of core strength and balance, and therefore often preferring to fade away from his matchup softly rather than go up strong at the rim."

"Exciting bigman with a lot of promise … At 7-feet, his rare athleticism and explosive leaping ability gives him a tremendous amount of potential … He’s got a huge frame and can add a lot of weight and become a dominant interior force on both ends of the floor… Needs to develop his body, strengthening his arms and upper body and toning his legs ... Despite being a bigtime athlete, he’s still extremely raw fundamentally … Right now his offensive game is limited to mostly dunks and follow up shots around the basket."

"As it stands now, Jordan is a long ways away from being an effective professional basketball player, but his size and athleticism show a lot of promise. His motor isn’t as good as you’d like to see from a big like Jordan and is perhaps more of a concern than the massive scaffolding that surrounds his game."

Whichever NBA team drafts Jordan will have to be patient with him. As the Lakers can attest with Andrew Bynum, the wait could be well worth it as Jordan has all the makings of a quality NBA big."

If the Draft Pool Is Deep, Players Think Twice Before Jumping In
"Other freshmen who could opt for the draft are Arizona point guard Jerryd Bayless, Oklahoma forward Blake Griffin and Texas A&M center DeAndre Jordan."

NCAA Tournament Winners and Losers
"DeAndre Jordan, Texas A&M -- Played only 20 minutes in two games but just showing he could walk and chew gum may keep this athletic seven-footer in the lottery."

Jordan is One to Watch in West Regional
"On paper, Jordan is a top-three pick in the draft. In practice, the story is much fuzzier. He has great talent, but hasn't shown the consistency that some of the other top freshmen have. If an NBA team takes him, they'll be taking on a project and gambling that, in two or three years, he'll be the next Andrew Bynum. He might be worth the risk."

Summer School
"DeAndre Jordan is listed at 6-10, 215 pounds, but with his wide shoulders and long arms he looks even bigger on the court. He runs the floor well and is a strong finisher, and, in the half-court, he moves with an awkward gracefulness (or a graceful awkwardness, take your pick). He suffers a bit from stone hands and his shooting range is limited at this point. But there was no one in Dallas with more upside than Jordan. With Jordan playing alongside Joseph Jones next season, Texas A&M will have the best frontcourt in the Big 12."

Chad Ford Mock Draft 1.0
No. 14 to Golden State

Ford's Mock Draft 3.0
No. 14 to Golden State

Ford's Mock Draft 5.0
No. 21 to New Jersey

No. 14 to Golden State

Draft Express
No. 10 to New Jersey

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