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Derrick Rose Returns With A Vengeance In A Huge Wolves Win

by Julian Andrews
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The Wolves needed a boost coming into Monday night’s contest with the Clippers and they got one from Derrick Rose. 

Rose, who had missed six of his last seven games with an ankle injury, returned and finished with 22 points and six assists. Most importantly, he carried the Wolves to a win and reminded us all how dangerous the Wolves can be when they’re healthy.

What Rose does for the Wolves when he’s on the floor goes beyond his stat line. Rose has a unique ability to collapse opposing defenses and get his own shot from the perimeter—that’s something the Wolves sorely missed when he was on the shelf. Rose is a crafty veteran who knows when to look for his own shot and when to look to his teammates; couple that with his ability to create off the dribble and he brings an important missing element to the Wolves’ offense.

The Wolves scored 74 points in the paint on Monday and a lot of that was due to Rose, who scored eight of his nine made shots at the rim. The ninth was on an absolutely beautiful midrange pull-up.

“My game is really in the paint. I’m trying to get my legs under me a little bit more, but this is where I make my bread and butter right here so it’s kind of easy for me,” Rose said in his on-court postgame interview.

Though his three-point shot wasn’t falling tonight, Rose is still a threat from deep that must be respected. Rose is just happy to be back playing basketball and playing well and the Wolves are definitely happy to have him.

“This is my safe haven,” Rose said. “When I’m here I don’t think about anything else. I love playing with my teammates and in this city so it was great.”


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