Corey Brewer Media Chat Transcript


Although Corey Brewer won’t make his first official Timberwolves appearance in Minnesota until Friday afternoon, the former Florida forward spoke to the media in a conference call just minutes after being selected as the seventh overall pick. Below is a full transcription of what Corey had to say, including his thoughts on Kevin Garnett, Minnesota’s winters and his soon-to-be jersey number:

On Brewer’s defense, which is said to be his greatest asset as a player:
Brewer: Yes sir, I bring a lot of defense to the table. I can also play on the offensive end… I know how to get the ball to the big man. I played with two of the best big men in the college game, and you saw them both go in the top ten (Al Horford and Joakim Noah). I know how to get the ball to those guys.

On what he feels he needs to work on to succeed in the NBA:
I feel like I could put the ball on the floor a lot better. I need to improve my shot so I can get things done.

On his jump shot:
I feel like my jump shot is getting there, and hopefully by the time the season starts I can get it (where it needs to be).

On being named the Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four and if that shows he can rise to the occasion offensively:
I feel like when the game is on the line, that’s when you’ve got to jump up. I want to jump up when it really matters.

On his decision to stay at Florida following his sophomore year when his family could have used the help financially:
It was a tough situation for me last year. My family definitely did need the money, but my mom and dad kept telling me to just be happy. I felt I could be happy and mature as a player by going back to school.

On if he’s looking forward to Minnesota’s winters:
I’m looking forward to playing in Minnesota but I’m not looking forward to those winters!

On if he felt he would go earlier in the draft than number seven:
I didn’t know I would go anywhere other than (between) four and eight, which is what my agent kept telling me.

On the significance of the Florida teammates (Horford, Brewer and Noah) all being selected in the first nine overall picks:
We made history, that’s never been done! We’re all about setting records, making history and being Gators, and we’re just happy.

On if the Timberwolves gave him any indication before drafting him:
I had no indication, I had no idea. I really didn’t have a good workout when I came to Minnesota, so I didn’t know what was going to happen.

On how his workout went in Minnesota:
I just played my hardest. That’s what I do -- I just played my hardest and did my best, and I guess it paid off.

On if he felt his other workouts were better:
I feel like I had some better workouts… I thought my best workout was for Charlotte, but Minnesota scooped me up!

On the first thing he’ll do for his family now that he’s in the NBA:
I’m going to give my mom whatever she wants. (My parents) supported me throughout my life and got me this far, and now I just want to help them.

On if he’s thought about what number he’ll wear in the NBA, since #2 (his college number) is retired in Minnesota (Malik Sealy):
I was hurt when I saw that number two was retired, but I guess I’m going to wear number 22 -- two plus two!

On if he sees any similarities between his game and the Wolves’ Trenton Hassel, another player who is also known for his defense:
Trenton Hassel is a great player, a great defensive player too. I just hope I can keep developing my offensive game. I’m going to work on my offensive game as best I can, because I’m hoping to step in and help this team. I want to do what I can to bring some stability to this team.

On if he was a fan of Kevin Garnett growing up:
Of course! I had the KG (shoes) when he was with Nike, the first KGs that came out. That was my favorite shoe ever!

On what players he models his game after:
I love Tayshaun Prince. I love him and Josh Howard. Those two guys are the guys I try to play like.

On if he feels he’s up to the challenge of defending a team’s best offensive perimeter player:
Of course. I plan on doing that. I feel like that’s my reputation, and I’m prepared to have that role, to guard the best offensive player on the other team. I’ve got to get the job done.

On if he’s going to spend any time in Minnesota working out this summer:
Probably. I’m going to come up there to work out and get acquainted with the coaches and stuff, to gauge my situation up there.

On if he spent much time with Randy Wittman and Kevin McHale during the workouts, to get a sense of the team’s management:
I’ve sat down with Kevin McHale a lot of times, and I feel like he’s a great guy. I’ve seen some old classic games, and he was a real tough player. I like that.

On if he said that Randy Foye was the toughest player he ever guarded in college (during the 2006 NCAA Tournament):
Yes sir. Foye is a tough player, I’ve said a lot of times. He’s really good because he has a nice stop-and-go move, good hesitation and he can just get a shot off whenever he wants.


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