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Anthony Tolliver Catches Fire In New York

by Julian Andrews
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Anthony Tolliver stays ready.

While the sharpshooting big man hasn’t always had a consistent role in the Wolves’ rotation, he was huge in Friday’s win over the Knicks.

Tolliver finished with 16 points on five-of-nine shooting, and critically he was four-of-five from three. If Tolliver can shoot like that, it’s a huge deal for the Wolves. Tolliver’s floor spacing out of the power forward spot was great tonight, especially because the Wolves’ typical power forward Taj Gibson was forced into the starting lineup.

When Tolliver shoots like this he’ll find a way to stay in the Wolves’ rotation, even when Minnesota is healthy. With Karl-Anthony Towns, Dario Saric and Tolliver, the Wolves have something that many NBA teams would kill for—a trio of bigs who can stroke the three.

Tolliver is now shooting 37.3 percent from the three this season. If he can bump that to 38 or 39 percent it could make all the difference for the team. While Tolliver may not play every night, his ability to come in and hit shots like this is extremely valuable. We’ll be seeing more of Tolliver.