ABC Ramps to Bring Free Parking to Wolves Fans

The Minnesota Timberwolves have teamed up with ABC Ramps to bring free parking to Wolves fans on Wednesday, November 5th when the Wolves host the San Antonio Spurs.
Amy Becklund of ABC ramps explained how this promotion works.

"Fans can enter any of the three ramps after 5pm and can receive up to 10 hours of free parking that night. Free parking is for game attendee's only and is available on a first come first serve basis."

Becklund went on to say the ramps are all skyway connected and easy to access, "The ramps are conveniently located by the Target Center on 2nd Ave North. You can also directly access A and B from I-394 and C from I-94 if you're traveling from the west. It makes it really easy to get in and out of downtown."

Not only are the ramps a great place to park on game nights, they offer affordable rates during the week and discounts for carpoolers.

"Carpoolers traveling from the West and Northwest on I-394 and I-94 pay only $20 a month for parking," said Becklund. "For parking in downtown Minneapolis you can't get any better than that. ABC Ramps also offer affordable rates for carpoolers traveling from other parts of the area. In addition to competitive monthly, hourly and event rates."

ABC Ramps are multi-modal facilities and offer a great plan if you are headed to the airport according to Becklund.

"People who want to avoid the challenge of parking at the airport can take advantage of the Ramp-Ride-Fly program. You can park for as little as $3 per day in Ramp C and you can take the light rail straight to the airport."

For more information on all the rates and plans offered by ABC Ramps log onto their website And park for free at any of the three ABC Ramps on Wednesday Nov. 5th when you head to the Target Center to cheer for the Wolves as they host the San Antonio Spurs.