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3 Observations From Adam Silver's Visit To Timberwolves

by Kyle Ratke, Digital Content Manager

Digital Content Manager


Last Friday, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver visited the Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx family. 

That’s a big deal because, well, he’s the dude and it takes about 30 seconds of him talking to realize he’s 250 times smarter than you. 

Silver met with the staff prior to Friday night’s game against the Warriors. He held a Q&A with Timberwolves CEO Ethan Casson before answering questions from staff members. 

Silver also had a conversation with our John Focke. Focke is a very nice guy and he sent along the audio to us writing folks to use for this article. 

Here are three observations from that talk:   

Silver Is A Big Fan Of What Has Been Done With Target Center

The Wolves, along with the city and countless other forces, have worked tirelessly over the last few years on the Target Center renovation. Here we are with the finished product and Silver is impressed with the arena and puts it up against the top arenas in the NBA.

“It’s fantastic, I mean what you’ve done here in Minneapolis is as state of the art as any arena that I’ve been to in the league or anywhere for that matter to watch a basketball game, the accommodations for fans and season ticket holders is just terrific,” Silver said. “It’s a wonderful place to watch a game, the food is fantastic, the environment, and the great folks here in Minneapolis. I love to come to games here.” 

That has to make those who worked on the arena, and in the arena every night, feel good. 

The Target Center is a night and day experience now from even a few years ago. Hats off to everyone involved in that process. 

More Than On The Court 

Obviously, Karl-Anthony Towns is one of the best players in the NBA. There’s no disputing that. 

But when asked about Towns, Silver went beyond what Towns does on the court. He immediately pointed at his impact on the game of basketball with the work he does off the court. 

“I would just say in terms of Karl-Anthony, he and I seem to run into each other all over the place because of so many of the things I do on behalf of the NBA, especially around major national and international charities, there he is walking into the green room and there he is, my friend, in the corner,” Silver said. “And he never tries to draw attention to himself. I think he’s one of those classic guys who does not try to draw attention to himself for the things he does off the floor. It’s just spectacular. He’s a wonderful young man. He’s just got terrific values.” 

Silver also went on to praise Towns’ work on the court, but the fact that Silver immediately pointed at what Towns does off the court speaks to Silver’s values and what he wants NBA players to embody.  

Towns checks those boxes. 

Brunch With The Taylors

Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor is well-respected in the NBA. He served two terms on the Board of Governors. 

But after Friday, Silver and his wife stayed in towns to meet with Taylor and his wife Becky not to talk business but to have brunch.

“I just want to mention one of the reasons my wife came with me on this trip is because we’re going to have brunch with Glen and his wife Becky tomorrow morning and it’s just a warm and personal friendship,” Silver said. “No business will be discussed. We just really enjoy spending time with them and as much my wife loves seeing a basketball game, I think she really she made the trip because we were going to have brunch with Glen and Becky the next morning.” 

Adam Silver has time to eat brunch?! 

It’s crazy. We think of these people in business mode all the time. And it’s hard to think of him having a conversation with an NBA owner and not talking business. But it would be the same as us grabbing a meal with a coworker. With how popular and broad the NBA is, and how these people have to always be on, it’s hard to think of them taking a break for some pastries and orange juice. 

We hope Silver and his wife enjoyed brunch, and the rest of their trip to Minneapolis. 


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