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2018-18 Season Preview Extravaganza | Will The Warriors Win Another One?

by Kyle Ratke, Digital Content Manager

Digital Content Manager


Twenty-nine different opposing NBA teams will walk through the doors of Target Center to play the Wolves this season, and we want you to know as much as you can about all of them. We’re going worst to first in order of last year’s standings and telling you everything you need to know. Next up, the Warriors, a team that might win the championship every season for the rest of time.

Notable Players Acquired: C DeMarcus Cousins (free agency), G/F Jacob Evans (draft), F Jonas Jerebko (free agency)

Notable Players Lost: C JaVale McGee (free agency), G Nick Young (free agency), PF David West (retirement)

Recapping 2017-18: 

The Warriors finished the season with a 58-24 record, second in the West. But that didn’t matter. The Warriors still won their third championship in four seasons. While they had a close call against the Rockets in the Western Conference Finals (Golden State trailed 3-1), the Warriors swept the Cavs in the Finals. 

The regular season was riddled by injuries. Stephen Curry missed 31 games, Kevin Durant missed 14, Draymond Green missed 12 and Klay Thompson missed nine. 

But the Warriors don’t play for the regular season. They had the end goal in sight the whole time. 

If there was one knock on the Warriors, it was their defense. While they ranked first in points scored, they ranked 18th in points allowed. I mean, we’re just kind of being picky here. There’s clearly an on/off button with this team, which can be problematic with some teams, but this team has enough talent to do it whenever they want.

To make matters worse for the rest of the NBA, the Warriors signed DeMarcus Cousins. We don’t know when Cousins will play after tearing his Achilles last season, but he’ll surely be able to contribute in the playoffs, which is all that really matters for the Warriors.

The Big Question:

How much motivation does this team have?

What else do the Warriors have to prove? We saw glimpses of distraction last season and the dynasty would have skipped a beat had Chris Paul been healthy. 

An 82-game season is long. And then you add in another 20-25 playoff games. That weighs on a player and that’s what guys like Thompson, Curry and Green have gone through the last four seasons. 

How Do The Wolves Beat Them?

Minnesota is actually one of the few teams to have success against the Warriors over the last few seasons. Over the last three seasons, the Wolves have beaten the Warriors three times. The only other teams to beat the Warriors in each of the last three seasons during the regular season are the Celtics and Nuggets. 

One player who has found success against the Warriors is Karl-Anthony Towns. Towns has averaged 22.6 points, 11.5 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game while shooting 52.6 percent from the field in 10 career games against Golden State.

Ratke’s Prediction: 

This team will take first or second in the West and win its fourth championship in five seasons.

Describe This Team In 15 Words Or Less

Still dangerous. Still deep. Will be interesting to see what Boogie can bring.

So When Can I See Them?  

The Warriors to play in Minneapolis on Mar. 19 and Mar. 29. The Wolves will travel to play the Warriors on Nov. 2 and Dec. 10.


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