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Jonah Ballow: Welcome to Timberwolves.com, I'm Jonah Ballow here with Michael Beasley. First time to catch up with you Michael, first of all, how are you doing here in the Twin Cities? I know you've been working out with some of the members of the team, getting ready for the new season?

Michael Beasley: Yeah, I mean it's good. You know, we're working out like you said, getting ready for the season. Just trying to get a feel for the team, a feel for the coaches and the players and just a feel for the city overall.

Jonah Ballow: How do you approach this upcoming season for you? Two years into the league now we know you've got a ton of talent. Watched you at Kansas State put up some huge numbers. You feeling your way around the league now? You feel like this is a big stepping stone right now in your career?

Michael Beasley: Definitely yes. I feel like this is a big year for me and the T-wolves. I feel like we're such a young team, but we can grow together. We got some great coaches in Kurt Rambis, you know we got a great GM, you know we just got a great atmosphere around here. We got great fans, this is a great city, great outfit for me to play in, you know we're just going to grow with each other and try to make the best of it.

Jonah Ballow: And how do you feel you fit in with this team and this offense? You feel like you're going to play a little bit of that three, that small forward position?

Michael Beasley: Honestly, the offense is set up for me to play any position on the floor. Anybody honestly, the offense is set up for me to play one through five, or Jonny Flynn to play one through five even. So the offense is pretty much set up for us to have fun basically. We're going to try to play up tempo, run basketballs, run, run, run, whoever else needs to be in shape. And you know we're just going to play young basketball. We realize that we're one of the youngest teams in the NBA and we're just going to show the older cats that.

Jonah Ballow: I remember talking to you at the All-Star break about Jonny Flynn, you guys are pretty good friends. How's that duo going to work here? We see J-Flynn to Beasley.

Michael Beasley: Oh, it's going to be a beautiful thing, a beautiful thing. Jonny's a great player. Still got a lot to learn but his rookie season was awesome. I feel like you couldn't ask for a better rookie season. You know, a couple more wins would have done the job but Jonny's an amazing player. Got a lot to learn, but he's just got a feel for the game he's just got that veteran feel that's rare in players like him.

Jonah Ballow: Do you feel a lot of pressure? You were a high-draft pick coming out of Kansas State, considered one of the best players. Now, you're in a position where you could get a ton of minutes and put up a lot of points.

Michael Beasley: Honestly, I feel like pressure is only applied when you feel pressure. You know when you feel like you gotta do this and you gotta do that. You know I'm just going to go out and I'm going to play my hardest that's the one and only thing I can guarantee. You know I'm giving 100 percent; I'm going to dive for every loose ball and try to grab every rebound and also going to try to score every point. But I'm just here to play with the team. If the team needs to score, I'm going to score, if the team needs me to rebound I'm going to rebound, play defense I play defense. You know if the team needs me to sit at the end of the bench and yell at the top of my lungs that's what I'm going to do for 48 minutes. You know I'm just here to try and bring back winning to the city of Minnesota.

Jonah Ballow: And what are you looking to improve on not only in the short term here in the next couple of weeks but in the long term?

Michael Beasley: Like I said we just want to get in shape. And we don't want to get in 48 minute shape, we want to get in 60 minute shape, we want to get in 70 minute shape. We want to prepare ourselves for the worst possible scenario. We want to fill out the first quarter and then overtime. So we want to get in shape, we want to run up and down, we want to get the team on the same page and just go from there. Play basketball, learn each other's habits, mistakes and you know just go from there.

Jonah Ballow: The schedule is going to come out this week - are you going to put a big circle around Miami?

Michael Beasley: I'm going to put a big circle around the whole NBA. You know I feel like I was counted out you know my first two seasons in the NBA, they might not have been perfect but I'm proud of them. I went to a 15-win team to averaging 45 wins in my short career. So I'm proud of that you know. And I feel like I should get a little more recognition for that but you know it's life. You know I'm just going to come out and show everybody who Michael Beasley really is, I'm going to show them who I am you know the Great 8, the new me.

Jonah Ballow: The Great 8? We've also heard B-easy which nickname is it going to be?

Michael Beasley: I got B-Easy, I've also got the Beast, I got Skittles, I got Mike.

Jonah Ballow: Skittles? What does Skittles mean?

Michael Beasley: You know growing up I ate a lot of candy, if you were my dentist you would know that, you know but I eat a lot of candy so from eight to probably like 15, you wouldn't see me without a pack of Skittles.

Jonah Ballow: You're not sleeping with your candy like we heard Lamar Odom is doing? I heard Khole [Kardashian] woke up next to him in a bed of chocolate.

Michael Beasley: Not chocolate. I'm not a chocolate man. I'm skittles, anything made by Wonka, you know I like candy not chocolate. But I have a lot of nicknames you know it's a lot they call me the Ghost, no that's my friend, that's my friend.

Jonah Ballow: I like the Great 8 and we are going to go with that and catch up with you throughout the season. Best of luck and we are looking forward to talking to you not only in the next couple of weeks but in training camp – an exciting season right here in Minnesota.

Michael Beasley: Alright man.

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