This One's For You, MN!

Starting from the ground up, this short film that was unveiled in-arena takes an in-depth look at the Timberwolves history and all that has led up to the creation of our new logo.

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  • New Logo | Color with a Sense of Place

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Logos: Old vs. New

Out with the old, in with the new. Take a look at the evolution of our primary logos through the interactive slider below.

2017 Timberwolves Redesigned Logo 2017 Redesign
Timberwolves Logo 2008-2017 2008-2017

Tour The New Logo

Explore the new logo in detail and discover the meaning of each of its elements. Click the button below to start your tour.

Timberwolves New Logo Tour
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    Team Rune

    The Team Rune "A" is a representative piece of the history of the wolf and the state of Minnesota.

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    Howling Wolf

    Our team has progressive power. We are true, confident, intimidating and powerful. We have a protectiveness and preservation for the unity of our family.

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    North Star

    The North Star is incorporated into the Timberwolves logo because it represents one of the pillars we proudly hang our hat on – the state of Minnesota. Minnesotans are loyal, strong and have a hard-working heritage. The element of the star in our logo represents our Minnesota pride.

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    The Timberwolves, as a team have a lot to be proud of. Admirable owners, successful playoff runs, talented alumni, and so much more. The direction of the wolf is facing forward because we want to honor the past we are proud of, without forgetting it. Our organization is constantly moving ahead and carving out new territory. We want to leave the frustrating years behind us and more on to a hopeful future – a New Era.

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    Green of the Eyes

    Greenery surrounds us every day in Minnesota. Whether it is the northern lights in the sky, the reflection of ice crystals in the winter, or the buildings we work around, the green eyes of the wolf are another representation of the fierceness of Minnesota. Green is also a sign of spring. In the spring, the buds of the trees flourish as a bright green. The green in our color palette represents a new era of what is to come.

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    Breaking Out

    The wolf breaks out of the circle represents the wolf’s ability to fight through discouraging times and come out on top. Our players often show traits of not being able to contain their strength. Whether it is going up for a dunk, a steal, fast break, or cheering moment – the energy of our players is uncontainable.

Join the Timberwolves on this journey into the new era.

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