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A New Way To See The New Logo

by Kyle Ratke, Digital Content Manager

Digital Content Manager


Timberwolves fans and those in the Minneapolis community got to see the team’s new logo in a new way on May 21.

The Wolves partnered with Juxtaposition Arts, a North Minneapolis organization that engages and employs young urban artists, to commission a live mural painting at Logan Park during Art-A-Whirl.

Artist Jordan Hamilton was the artist who was picked to paint the live mural.

“It’s exciting,” Hamilton said. “As an artist, being able to represent a sports team in my home city and getting a chance to kind of stylize an iconic image for Minneapolis. It’s cool.”

The mural was then donated to Logan Park for neighborhood kids and families to enjoy as a lasting visual of the team.

“It’s awesome that our park actually got picked for this event,” Santonio Haynes, the Recreation Specialist at Minneapolis Parks and Recreation, said. “It means a lot to the neighborhood and a lot to the kids and I know it means a lot to the staff too. I think it will be pretty dope that we get to hang it in the gym and just inspire the kids to do their best and to be the best at everything they do.”



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