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The Minnesota Timberwolves season is in full swing and renovations to Target Center have given fans much to rave about – especially its premium spaces. Two to highlight in particular is the all-new Lexus Courtside Club and its club within, 89 Reserve. 

Lexus Courtside Club
Lexus Courtside ClubThe Lexus Courtside Club is the newly renovated club space located on 1st Avenue, providing members a VIP experience from street to seat. The club space is loaded with first class amenities such as private entry and valet, members-only access to the court, 5-star dining catered by chef David Fhima, and two full bars.

89 Reserve (Watch Video)

“In 1989, two brands were born; one for the court, another for the road.”

89 Reserve is the all-new premium club located inside the Lexus Courtside Club. The luxurious space is reserved for a special class of members and has amenities galore to ensure everyone an unforgettable experience. It has amazing features like valet service, coach check, top of the line menus from chef David Fhima, and the very best wine, beer and spirits for its members to enjoy before a game.

89 Reserve’s name pays respect to the birth year of Lexus and the Timberwolves and speaks to the exclusivity of the space. 

Partner Spotlight

Timberwolves Partner Spotlight

Partner Since: June 2017

2017-18 Activations:

Jersey PatchIf you haven’t noticed, there’s a new wave of advertising in the NBA: the jersey patch. This season, the Timberwolves have graced the court in newly designed jerseys with Fitbit’s logo stitched in the upper left shoulder area. The purpose of the patch is to magnify exposure and visibility and to position Fitbit’s brand on a higher scale in the global marketplace.

Put Fitbit in the GameAlthough the jersey patch is the most prominent element, the partnership will extend far beyond the new threads. The Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Lynx and Iowa Wolves will each look for ways to incorporate some of the great Fitbit technology into their daily routines and training. Fitbit’s technology allows you to track biometric data such as steps, heart rate and calories burned, as well as to analyze sleep and track nutrition.

Content Activation Scouting Report - The Timberwolves Scouting Report presented by Fitbit highlights statistical information that could be crucial to the outcome of the game. Posted via social, the Scouting Report information spans from individual player stats to overall team averages.
Team Tracker - Tracking stats is the name of the game for Fitbit. After every Timberwolves game, a team tracker presented by Fitbit is posted via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to show overall team stats from the Timberwolves and their opponent.

FitPack ChallengeDuring the summer, every employee in the Timberwolves organization was given a Fitbit device. The employees then participated in a company-wide contest called the FitPack Challenge where departments competed against each other to see who could collect the most steps.

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