A Look at the One Moment Program and the Timberwolves Fan Experience

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A Look at the One Moment Program and the Timberwolves Fan Experience

Improving the fan experience has always been one of our most significant initiatives and over the past year, it has ascended to new heights. Check out this exclusive interview with Jeff Munneke discussing fan experience, the One Program and the improvements they’ve seen as of recent.


Regarding the One Program do you want to talk about how it came to be and if you’ve made changes to it because of the renovation? 
For a number of years, we would survey ticket members based on the relationship they had with the reps. We always registered very high. Our season ticket members loved that we knew their kids’ names, their spouse’s name, where they went on vacation, and their favorite player. We seemed to have the relationship with our season ticket members down really well and there seems to be a good flow. We also wanted to check in and see what it’s like once you get to the game. We talked to the league and told them what we would like to do. They decided to do it with all teams and call it a Fan Experience Survey. The data came back, and we were unfortunately ranked 30th out of 30 teams. This had to do with parking, concessions, entering and exiting the game, entertainment, and the way seats look and feel. My bosses, Chris Wright and Ryan Tanke said, “we need to fix this.” At the time, each one of our partners (Levy, AEG, Delaware North, Timberwolves) had a different way of doing things, a different way of talking to the guest, and different orientation and training. The first thing we had to do was talk to all the partners and tell ourselves, “if we’re going to be great we have to start talking the same language, doing things the same way and solve problems together.” We started to break down barriers and form a true partnership. Initially we said who should we try to emulate? We all thought Disney is pretty darn good at the entire experience. What we elected to do was to send me down to Disney for the Disney training program. After bringing that information back, we were able to emulate some of the Disney principles but still make it our own. Let’s think the way Disney thinks. The fan needs to be #1. What’s best for the fan? We started thinking about what’s important to us. The number one thing was we need to keep the fans safe. We (AEG, Levy, Target Center, Timberwolves) are all onboard the same way, have the same verbiage which is now our One Program. So now we are in year three of the One Program and are refining and tweaking it and making sure we can sustain and can keep making it better. Our aspiration is to create incredible moments for our fans and to be the friendliest building in sports.


Are you seeing an increase in the post-game fan surveys from the start of the season to now?
Yes, things are settling in. We have new areas, new staff members and new concession staff. The Senior Fan Experience Manager Greg Vanderwilt and I are responsible for training every single person that is hired and ensure they go through the One Program when they begin. The best part is that this is now the third consecutive year of the same verbiage, training, the same way to strategize, the same way to problem solve, and the same way to incentivize.


Do you think next season we’ll keep the One Program training the same, or will we see any big changes?
No, what I think we’ll do is continue to tweak it. A great example is our surveys. In the past our surveys were way too long. This summer we initiated meetings because we had to rethink the strategy. Why don’t we just ask one question, “how did we do?” “How was your experience?” and you can rate us 1-5 with 5 being great, and 1 being an opportunity to improve. And then there is feedback form and when someone provides information, we respond to each comment. Anyone that comes through the gates will receive this.  


Have you seen a more positive reaction to our arena now that we’ve completed renovated, especially with the new main concourse?
I think the way everything lined up this year was perfect. We’ve made changes to the team, renovations to the arena, new logo, new colors. Everything feels really new, nice and fun. $150 million allowed to us to do some pretty amazing things that are fan experience enhancing. The way you enter the building feels better. There’s more food choices, better food choices. Obviously winning games helps too, but the new spaces make it an elevated experience overall.   


Is there anything else you would like to say to our partners?
We have to continuously work in unison, and things will truly become a united front. The all-inclusive way we partner and work together is really fun. The relationships drive the engine and in the end it’s about the people. Take care of your people and they are going to take care of the people that come and consume our product. We really are trying to drill home and make sure we live that. I always like to say, “whoever you’re talking to, they need to be the most important person in the room.” Whether it’s a sponsor, a premium space member, season ticket member, a fan coming for one night, in that moment we want to make sure they feel like are the most important person in the room.

Partner Spotlight

Timberwolves Partner Spotlight

Partner Since: October 2017

2017-18 Activations:

A TASTE OF GREATNESSOver the years, our organization has worked diligently to break new grounds, establish new territory and elevate our partnerships. Recently, we've tapped into the beverage industry and made Anheuser-Busch the official beer of the Minnesota Timberwolves. This partnership has allowed us to bring forth several activation initiatives, which have created a better experience for our fans and built outstanding brand awareness. Here's how:

IN-ARENA LOCATIONSOn the 100 and 200-level concourses, fans are able to give their Target Center experience a buzz by purchasing a beer in the Budweiser Beer Garden, Bud Light Zone and Goose Island Grab and Go.

TIMBERWOLVES BAR NETWORK The Timberwolves Bar Network presented by Budweiser is a network of team-approved locations that are set up for viewing Timberwolves games. At these locations, special promotions and giveaways are given to fans throughout the game.

BUDWEISER LEGENDARY MOMENT PLATFORMEvery game, there is an opportunity for something legendary to happen and when it does, it is posted to our social media accounts as part of our Budweiser Legendary Moment platform. This season, Andrew Wiggins' buzzer beater against the Oklahoma City Thunder and Tyus Jones' dunk on LeBron James have been the first legendary moments to gain recognition.

CENTER COURT MUSIC SERIESThe Timberwolves Center Court Music Series presented by Budweiser provides fans with unforgettable halftime entertainment at select premier games. Thus far, the music series has had a star-studded line up consisting of a December performance from Minnesota-bred rapper Prof, and Super Bowl Weekend performances from rappers Lil Jon and G Eazy.

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