Brady Heslip's illustrious career at Baylor helped earn him a spot on the Timberwolves' Summer League team.

Get To Know Him | Brady Heslip

by Kyle Ratke, Digital Content Manager

Digital Content Manager


Throughout the 2015 Summer League in Las Vegas, we'll be introducing you to a few faces on the team's roster that you might not know. Today, we'll continue with Brady Heslip.

What’s His Name?

Brady Heslip (Hes-lip… Literally just how it’s spelled).

Where Is He From?

Heslip is from Canada. There’s a good chance when Andrew Wiggins grew up, he had Brady Heslip posters around his room. He attended Nelson High School in Burlington, Canada.

After high school, Heslip took his talents to Baylor. During his career there, he became a baby-face assassin, hitting 43.7 percent of his three-pointers (2.7 per game). He averaged 10.2 points per game during his career. So yeah, basically all of his points came from the three-point line, but that’s kind of what makes him so awesome. 

Where Have You Heard About Him Before?

If you didn’t know Heslip from his time at Baylor, well, you don’t like basketball enough. But you might have heard about him because he played for the Wolves in Summer League last season and actually was invited to Training Camp. He didn’t make the roster, but he just went to go average 24.5 points in 20 D-League games after he was cut. No big deal.

Oh yeah, you’ve definitely heard about his hair.

I mean, seriously. That’s fantastic.  The flip. Perfection.

Describe Him For Us:

Heslip probably loved watching the NBA playoffs. Just constant three-point shooting. That’s what Heslip brings to the table. He’s a fantastic catch-and-shoot player, but he’s not going to create anything for himself offensively. He was a bit offended last season when someone labeled him as just a three-point shooter and by all indications, he’s working hard to shed that label.

But then again, shooting is what got Heslip, a player who is generously listed at 6’2”, recognized in the first place. Keep doing what you do, Brady. 

Best Social Media Post:

He normally just retweets other people, so that’s kind of boring.

His last real tweet came on June 12 and if you like Friday Night Lights, you’ll love it.