2021-22 Club TI Timberwolves Game Night Experience

Arena Entry

Doors will open for Club TI guests 60 minutes prior to tip-off.

South Skyway Recommended

Upon entry to the arena, make your way to the south stairwell located behind section 122. The second landing of the stairwell will bring you to the Club TI concierge for check-in.

Main Target Center Skyway:

Upon entry to the arena, make your way to the Treasure Island Resort & Casino Premium Level, located one level above the 100-level concourse. You may access the level from the escalators or center staircase of the skyway. Once you have arrived on to the premium level, use the west entrance where you will be directed to the Club TI concierge for check-in.

Accessible needs:

There are three elevators that will provide access to the Treasure Island Resort and Casino Premium Level: South elevator (behind section 124), Northwest elevator (located inside the Target Center skyway entrance), Atrium elevator (located in the main lobby of Target Center on the corner of 1st and 6th avenue).

Parking (Members Only)

Club TI full season members receive complimentary parking provided in Ramp A. A skyway located on the south side of Target Center directly connects Ramp A and Target Center. If you have parking, upon entry to the arena you will receive an additional seat locator. At check-in, redeem your parking seat locator with the concierge for a parking validation pass to use for exit. Upon exiting the ramp, following the game, first insert the ticket you collected at ramp entry. Then insert the parking validation pass provided by the Club TI concierge and the gate will open.

Club Entry

Upon arrival to the Club you will be greeted by the Club TI concierge. Please provide the concierge with your seat locator(s) from entry to the arena. The concierge will mark your seat locator and provide you with a Club TI wristband.

Dining Experience

Club TI features an all-inclusive dining experience with your stadium favorites reimagined by renowned chef and restaurateur David Fhima. As part of your all-inclusive experience, offerings will include individually wrapped dishes and “to-go” items such as, fanfare classics and small plates. Throughout the game, enjoy classic game day treats available on two snack tables located on each side of the club. Never miss a moment of the game with beverage service directly to your seat available for order through the Timberwolves app - select beer and wine are provided complimentary for Club TI guests.

Wolves Members receive a discount off beverages not included in the complimentary package (cocktails, premium beer & wine) via the Timberwolves app. The discount can be redeemed directly at the bar when you use your Wolves Wallet at checkout or ordered with the Timberwolves app and delivered to your seat.

Coat Check

When entering the Club, the Club TI concierge will direct you to Coat Check , which is located behind the center bar adjacent to the Team Store. Coat check is available complimentary throughout the game.

Club Amenities + Team Store

Club TI features pool and shuffleboard tables for your gaming pleasure. An exclusive Team Store is available for Club TI guests located behind the center bar.

Wolves Members receive a discount off Team Store merchandise when using the Timberwolves app at checkout.


Club TI remains open for 15 minutes following the conclusion of the game. Exit the arena through the Premium Level entrance, with the option of using the center staircase or escalator down to the skyway or elevator to the main lobby.

Experience Map