Season Ticket Holder Spotlight: Jennifer

Jennifer Palmer
Season Ticket Holder since 2000

How long have you been a season ticket holder?
Since 2000 so this will be my 12th Season!

What interested you in becoming a Timberwolves season ticket holder?
I'm a big sports fan and always loved the NBA and the Timberwolves (I'm from North Dakota so they are the "Local" Team. lol ). So as soon as I moved to Minneapolis I purchased tickets!

Who do you go to the games with?
A variety of people - my boyfriend Juriad and brother Mark join me the most but it's a great way for me to connect with friends and have them experience the Timberwolves for an evening. I've also made great friends with other STHs that sit near me particularly Joan Sohlstrom. :)

Are there any exclusive benefits you enjoy for being a season ticket holder?
So many - I've got to do so many events throughout the years that I think the only thing left I haven't done is travel with the team. :) From Locker Room Tours, Special Viewing Parties, Meet the Players functions, Upgraded Seats, STH Gifts, there are just so many! I really love being able to help out with the Taste of the Timberwolves - I think the FastBreak Foundation does a great job organizing the event and it's a wonderful way to interact with the players. The Client Development team is great and I've become friends with quite a few people who work for the Wolves who are just so friendly and endearing!

Why would you tell other Timberwolves fans to become a season ticket holder?
The games are a lot of fun - although the Wolves record hasn't looked so great the last few years - the games are still exciting to watch and the future is bright! The Timberwolves Organization really values their STH's and you definitely will feel welcomed and treated so kindly if you become one! Do it!

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