Rambis Relieved, Kahn Addresses Media

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On Tuesday afternoon, Wolves president of basketball operations David Kahn addressed the media to announce the team's decision to relieve Kurt Rambis of his coaching duties. As Kahn transitions into a search for a new man to grace the sidelines, he made clear indications that the future head coach will execute his vision for a style of basketball that will both excite the fans and spark a considerable increase in victories in the near future.

"I think our roster has a lot of fine young players, young being the operative word I guess, and we are going to play, really since the first day I arrived, an up-tempo, fast breaking style on both ends of the floor, and I think it's very important as we go through the search process; that we identify somebody who passionately believes in that and probably has a little bit of a track record in that respect, and can help make this come to fruition," Kahn reiterated at the Tuesday press conference.

Rambis was Kahn's first hire as head coach in 2009 and the former Lakers assistant compiled a 32-132 record, working in the midst of a rebuilding effort for the Wolves. The timing of the dismissal was also explained, "Kurt's a good person, a good man, a great family man, he's got a lot of basketball knowledge and I wish there had been a better outcome, and to the extent that this took some time - that's on me. I wanted to make absolutely certain though that as we went through this process with Kurt that we felt that we were making the absolute right decision, because we had made a long-term commitment to him two years ago, and I felt that he was deserving of that kind of consideration, and now we move on," Kahn stated.

Moving forward, Kahn and the front office staff will shift their focus after a couple of busy months since the season finale. Despite rumors surrounding specific candidates, Kahn emphasized to the media that the search will include a large group of potential head coaches and there is no leader in the proverbial clubhouse.

"Well I don't want to put a timetable on it, especially since we're not sure how long we'll be in this lockout period, but I don't think we want to drag our heels," Kahn said. "There's no reason for us to not be moving aggressively and there's nothing that should stop us from doing that. So I hesitate to say three weeks or four weeks, and then three weeks or four weeks have passed and we've missed some artificial deadline."

A young and talented group of players have been assembled in Minnesota but the next step is to find the signal caller and leader to harness the upside and begin to show drastic improvement in the win column. Owner Glen Taylor will be heavily involved in the process along with Kahn to acquire a candidate that fits a specific mold and lifts the franchise back to the postseason.

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