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Following the Wolves agreement in principle with Rick Adelman, editor/writer Jonah Ballow caught up with former Kings beat writer and NBA writer Sam Amick. Listen to the podcast as Amick describes Adelman's coaching style, relationship with players, and potential coaching staff.

Listen to the complete interview with Jonah Ballow and Sam Amick:


Jonah Ballow: Welcome to, I'm Jonah Ballow here with a special podcast today and it's Sam Amick, an NBA reporter for Sports Illustrated, also former Kings beat writer, and he's a great guest to bring on today, because we are talking about Rick Adelman - the new head coach for the Minnesota Timberwolves. He agreed in principle to become the organization's 10th head coach in history, and Sam thanks so much for joining me today. I want to talk about Rick Adelman as a head coach, and you spent a lot of time around the Kings' organization, especially during their heyday when they were challenging the Lakers for a Championship, and also in the Western Conference Finals there. What are your impressions of Rick Adelman as a head coach?

Sam Amick: I think Rick is a phenomenal hire for the Timberwolves and I think they are to be commended for landing him, obviously there were negotiations and a process that took quite a while, but I think he'll be a good fit. I'm surprised to be honest with you that this is where we're at and that he is in fact going to be with Minnesota. I think that a lot of folks around him, coming off of the Houston situation and the way that went down, certainly it seemed to me that he was going to be out of the game for quite a while - about a year, and he was going to get back in it at some point. I think the way the discussions went and obliviously the financial side of things - Rick is a very creative offensive mind. He's a guy that utilizes that backdoor system - the corner offense as it's called - that I think it's a rarity in the NBA to score the ball and beat teams offensively that is not out there with a lot of teams this day in age. For a lot of reasons a great hire. I think the one thing I would look at is how he's going to develop the young guys, that's just never been something he's been renowned for doing. You have heard things from the Houston era that went well on that front and certain young guys that did develop under his watch. Hopefully for the Twolves fans it goes well, but I think it's a great hire.

Jonah Ballow: Yeah, you look at his history and dating back to Portland he really took over a franchise that obviously had success in the Bill Walton era, but during that time period they were looking for a coach to take them in the next direction with guys like Clyde Drexler, Buck Williams, Jerome Kersey and he turned that thing around quickly. He did the same kind of deal with the Sacramento Kings. What is it about Rick Adelman that makes him such a great coach when he's taking a situation with a team that's maybe on the verge of talent, but not quite there yet to win a lot of games, and he seems to find a way to do it?

Sam Amick: Well, he's a player's coach, and that's a clich


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