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Jake Layman Postgame Press Conference - February 28, 2021

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KAT Flies In!

Karl-Anthony Towns with the flying putback slam.
Feb 28, 2021  |  00:40

KAT Steals and Slams

Big men aren't supposed to move like this!
Feb 28, 2021  |  00:17

Vanderbilt Steals and Scores

Jarred Vanderbilt with another hustle play.
Feb 28, 2021  |  00:19

Thumbs Up!

Anthony Edwards stops on a dime and hits the step-back.
Feb 28, 2021  |  00:12

Jammed by Jake

Jake Layman gets the baseline pass and throws down.
Feb 28, 2021  |  00:08

Naz Spins and Scores

Nimble Naz Reid put them in a spin cycle.
Feb 28, 2021  |  00:10

ANT Steals and Slams

Anthony Edwards reads the pass, steals and slams.
Feb 28, 2021  |  00:17

ANT Blows By CP3

The rookie makes it look easy.
Feb 28, 2021  |  00:16

KAT's Flying Dunk

Karl-Anthony Towns has a full head of steam and throws down.
Feb 27, 2021  |  00:22

Ant Goes OVER Lopez

Anthony Edwards goes over the seven-footer for two.
Feb 27, 2021  |  00:25

JC is Back!

Jarrett Culver is back, like really back.
Feb 27, 2021  |  00:23

Ant Swats Westbrook

The rookie got the best of the vet.
Feb 27, 2021  |  00:16

Rubio Finds Okogie

Ricky fakes everyone out and finds Josh Okogie for the easy two.
Feb 27, 2021  |  00:18

Vando Playing Volleyball

Jarred Vanderbilt with the ridiculous spike.
Feb 27, 2021  |  00:09

Vando Starts with a Slam

Jarred Vanderbilt starts scoring in the game with a slam.
Feb 27, 2021  |  00:13

VOICES: Black History is American History

VOICES is a player-driven content series focusing on conversations around racial injustice, voting rights, equality and the power of diversity. In this episode, Lynx Assistant Coach Rebekkah Brunson, Timberwolves Vice President of Player Programs and Diversity and Inclusion Tru Pettigrew, and Cofounder of the Minnesota African American Heritage Museum and Gallery Tina Burnside discuss the importance of Black history education. The discussion sheds light on the importance of understanding our past to ensure a better future. Throughout partnerships and initiatives, the Timberwolves and Lynx have made a commitment to its fans to continue speaking up and being leaders in social advancement, social justice and racial equity, and “Voices” is an extension of the organization’s promise. “Voices” will continue to bring awareness to topics that need attention and assist the players and personnel in using their platforms to be agents of change in these spaces.
Feb 25, 2021  |  20:28

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