Timberwolves FastBreak Foundation Serves Up A Helping Of "Thanks" To Military Members

Corey Brewer looked up after a fan declared Brewer his favorite player. 

Brewer looked a bit stunned and in shock this time. This is something he's heard quite a few times throughout his career. A lot of people love the former Gator and his smile. Why was this fan any different?

It was because the person telling Brewer this was a World War II veteran and a Purple Heart recipient. His name was Joe Kovar. Really, it was Brewer who was the fan.

“It’s real cool. A veteran like that from World War II. He’s 91 years old and he told me I was his favorite player,” Brewer said during the event. “Wow. I told him ‘thank you for everything you did and I’m glad I’m your favorite player.’ It just means a lot.”

“I told Corey that he was my favorite player. He came over and gave me a big hug and took a nice picture,” Kovar said. “It was kind of a thrill. I like meeting these guys.”

This is what happens at the Minnesota Timberwolves FastBreak Foundation “Give Thanks” event. On Monday, the Foundation combined efforts with the Roger and Nancy McCabe Foundation and POPP Communications to serve a Thanksgiving-styled meal to a mixture of Purple Heart recipients, Veterans, Wounded Warriors and current conflict soldiers at Seven Restaurant & Lounge in Minneapolis. This marked the ninth year the dinner has been held.

It’s a chance for the Timberwolves and their partners to attempt to give back something to these military members and their families to show just how much their sacrifices have meant to everyone.

In attendance from the Timberwolves was President Chris Wright, President of Basketball Operations and head coach Flip Saunders, General Manager Milt Newton, assistant coach Ryan Saunders, radio play-by-play announcer Alan Horton, mascot Crunch, team photographer David Sherman and players Corey Brewer, Anthony Bennett, Chase Budinger and Nikola Pekovic.

“I’m overwhelmed,” Kovar said about the evening and what the Timberwolves have done for military members this month. “I’m overwhelmed. I have been for the last week. I’ve been honored about every which way there is and I know a lot (the people in the organization). I know (Chris Wright). I’m so grateful. (The organization) is just wonderful.”

After getting an introduction from Horton describing the event, the players were introduced to the crowd. The players, along with Saunders and Newton, then served dinner and desserts to the military members and their families.

Brewer was in charge of serving the mashed and sweet potatoes, although he told us his favorite Thanksgiving food was “definitely turkey.”

Brewer also noted that what the team was doing was nothing compared to what these military members have given and sacrificed for us, but it's our duty to at least do something to show them gratitude.

“It means a lot to me just because I’m an American through and through. Every time I see (a military member) I just want to say thank you. And I know the Timberwolves organization wants to say thank you to the military veterans… They actually fought in battle for me, this country, my kids…It means a lot.”