Timberwolves Dancers Auditions



Monday, July 1, 2019




Life Time
Target Center
600 First Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55403


$15 per class


Open Call | Saturday, July 13, 2019
Registration: 3:00PM
Audition Start Time: 4:00PM


The Courts at Mayo Clinic Square
600 Hennepin Avenue, Suite 300
Minneapolis, MN 55403


$20 for Auditions only


Timberwolves Dancers Open Call Auditions

Sunday, July 13, 2019
Registration/Check-in: 3:00PM
Auditions: 4:00PM

The Timberwolves Dancers feature the NBA’s elite blend of dance styles, performance and involvement in the community and we would like to invite professional and aspiring dancers to an Open Audition to join our team!

Dancers will compete in an Open Audition process and will be judged on their dance ability, crowd appeal, and showmanship. Those selected as dancer finalists will move on to a 10-day boot camp which includes interviews, rehearsals, and fitness training. The audition will conclude with our finalists performing in the NBA’s premiere Dance Selection Show.


When dancers arrive, they are prompted to the registration area for check-in. There will be one area for pre-registration applicants and one area for walk-up applicants. You may be asked to show your driver’s license and or government issued identification. All applicants are required to bring a current headshot and resume.

After registration, dancers will go to the audition court for warm-ups and stretching.

Elements: Across the floor combination, dance technique, personality and performance skills.

A Choreographer will teach a hip hop or jazz funk combination for dancers to emulate within groups in front of a panel of judges.

At the end of Open Auditions, finalists will be announced. Finalists will be selected based on their dance ability, showmanship, physical fitness, performance, and crowd appeal.


2-piece attire (crop top & shorts/briefs) preferred to help regulate and curtail any unfair advantage based on an individuals choice of clothing. Jazz/dance shoes or athletic shoes (non-marking soles) are also mandatory. Dancers should wear performance hair and make-up that complements their individual style. Wearing hair down is recommended.


All dancers are recommended to bring a professional headshot and resume – both items will be submitted at the registration/check in table. It is also suggested to bring water, snacks, jazz shoes and athletic shoes, warm-up/sweat suit, make-up, hair spray, mirror and a towel.


Finalists will be selected on Saturday, Sunday, July 13, 2019 and MUST be available for the following:

  • Photo/Video shoot TBD.
  • Boot Camp and Selection Show: Dancers will have a professional interview, learn additional choreography during the boot camp. All choreography will be performed/showcased at the final selection show.
  • *Location, time & details will be announced to our Finalists on a date to be determined.


All applicants must be at least 18 years of age by Sunday, July 13, 2019.

  • Dance experience or professional dance training is recommended (Gymnastics skills are also a plus)
  • Schedule flexibility for rehearsals, games and appearances.
  • Must be able to attend rehearsals twice a week starting mid-August 2019.
  • Must represent the team on international trips if asked
TOTAL commitment is required to be a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves Dancers

Auditions will be closed to ensure a professional and relaxed atmosphere for all participants!

Timberwolves Dancers Pre-Audition Prep Class Information


Pre-audition prep classes are designed to prepare dancers for the audition process and introduce potential candidates to the style of choreography performed by the Timberwolves Dancers. This is also a great way to be meet new people and current dancers of the dance team. Dancers will also receive feedback, tips and additional helpful tools to prepare for auditions.

Dancers will have the opportunity to speak with current Timberwolves Dancers, and also participate in a Q & A session with the Dance and Entertainment Manager, Athenia Williams. Participants can expect a fun, supportive, non-competitive environment. The goal is to leave feeling more prepared and confident for the upcoming Timberwolves Dancers Open Auditions.

Even if you are not ready to audition, former alumni or just looking for a chance to dance, you can attend these classes! It is always fun learning new material and pushing yourself to another level.

Reserve your spot today for the Timberwolves Dancers Pre-Audition Prep Classes!

*All prep classes will include a warm up, stretch and an across the floor combo.


Comfortable dance attire, jazz shoes/athletic shoes.


Government photo identification.
Bring different types of shoes to dance in, water, snacks, towel, and pen/paper for notes.

*Prep Classes will be closed to Spectators*

Space is limited. Register early!

*Walk-ins are welcome, register and pay at the door.


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